Friday, July 7, 2017

Meth, Not Even Once

I caught a methed out young woman rummaging through tools in my Dad's garage. The face she gave me when she realized a larger male had confronted her in a confined space was one of pure terror and she was ready to claw my eyes out to survive what she most likely perceived as a threat. When she turned to run out of the garage my police officer dad caught her by the arm and held her down until the police arrived.

Watching her fight, beg, and plead that we won't rape her or kidnap her was pretty heartbreaking when we had the best intentions in mind of getting professionals to handle her drug infused meltdown. The struggle was strong enough that we decided we should hand cuff her to keep her from hurting herself or us.

Come to find out later she was on the run and being chased by police because she thought she was being chased and in danger of being kidnapped inside of a hotel. We were her worst nightmare in her mind and it sure as hell looked like it.

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