Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ghosts in Prison

A relative of mine was a corrections officer at a very rough prison. He worked nights and said it was usually a very quiet and easy job overall.

One night, he's making his rounds and this house-size prisoner (henceforth referred to as "House") tells him to check on another prisoner because it sounds like he's choking.

He goes to check on the cell and there's no one in it. He goes down and tells House that it's empty, everyone else seems ok, and he must be hearing things.

This goes on night after night and my relative is thinking House is just fucking with him. So, he tells House to shut up and go to sleep. House says he can't sleep.

One night, House is freaking out. My relative goes over and House has terror in his eyes. That's when my relative hears the choking noise. Then a couple other inmates start asking "what the fuck was that?"

House looks like he hasn't slept in a month and despite being at least 350 pounds of meat and potatoes, this guy looks like a scared kindergartener. My relative said he heard the noise for a solid 5 minutes, clear as day. He went around, but just couldn't hear where it was coming from because "it was like it was coming from everywhere."

When my relative reproduced the choking noise, it sounded like one of the zombies from The Walking Dead.

He said they never found a physical source for the noise, but after talking to other guards, he discovered that an inmate had been strangled to death in the empty cell years earlier: Apparently, while being strangled, someone stabbed the inmate in the throat below the rope and he was gurgle-choking-drowning through the throat stab wound. So, they beat him to death instead.

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