Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Creepy Shit in the Woods Part 1 and Part 2 and 3

Here are a couple of creepy videos posted by a man named James Rankin. I'll let you read his own words describing the scene...

"This is something I stumbled across while hiking in the woods this afternoon. There's like 25 missing persons posters taped to the trees, along with some ratty old bedding, a shovel, a large tent, and a collapsed handmade wooden cage surrounding a filled-in hole. I tried to get as many of the posters in frame as I could but the video was aborted when I heard voices coming from the direction of the adjacent residence. Recorded on the afternoon of October 3rd 2016 ("Mean Girls Day") in Suffolk County, NY."

The police were called for this incident, but the owners of the property explained it all away as Halloween decorations for a party. Regardless of that being in terrible taste if true, James Rankin had some other problems with the excuse. Again, here are his own words
"On October 30th, I returned to the park to film a brief and mostly harmless update video for those who may have been wondering what's been going on since the events of earlier this month. As my narration attempts to explain, I had previously visited the woods on the preceding Tuesday by myself, and been unsuccessful at taking video, and Wednesday, when I and a couple of friends did make a video, which was dark and hard to see, not to mention kind of long. Longer even than the 12 minute runtime of this one. Recent discoveries include a stash of what appear to be (but might not be) weapons at the other fire pit, as well as some logs laid across one of the trails by persons unknown. Most of the logs had been removed by the time I returned to make this video, but can be seen in the long dark one from Wednesday that I haven't posted (yet). As you recall from earlier in the month, the missing persons posters had been explained away as being "decorations for a Halloween party" which was said to have either taken place back in August, or was set to be held at the end of October. Based on casual observations on the Friday and Saturday night of "Halloween weekend," no parties were seen to have been held at the location. However, people identifying themselves as party guests have said on facebook that a small gathering with pizza and beer took place at some point this past weekend. I am not here to judge, or to declare conclusively what happened. I'm just being the eyes and ears of the greater population. Sift through the evidence and decide for yourself. If for some reason you guys really want to see the longer, dimly lit video from Wednesday that I shot when I had some friends with me, let me know in the comments. "

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