Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cannibalism and the calories of human body parts

It isn't often, or ever, that we have the occasion to share a New York Times article on Alone at Night, but we do today!

Dr. James Cole, an archeologist from the University of Brighton in England, did a little digging (pun!) and discovered the amount of calories one would consume if one consumed a human body -- as, I'm sure, one does on occasion. The end result of the study showed that if you were to eat an entire human body, you would consumer 125,000 calories, which is a lot. Pro tip: cut back on your cannibalism if you're trying to get ready for swimsuit season.

The article is interesting and macabre, which we at Alone at Night believe to be a winning combination. So, head on over to the Gray Lady and give it a ready.

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