Thursday, April 27, 2017

Art by John Brosio

John Brosio has some terrific art, some of which is on the creepy side, such as the piece below titled "Night Hunt." Check out his site for more of his work.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Strange Call to the Police

Not me but my dad used to be a policeman in the UK (retired now). He told me a story when I was a kid and still remember it.

He was out on the beat way back when, early 90's or so, and him and his partner hear a call from dispatch on the radio that a girl who lived alone in a small house converted into two flats was hearing noises from upstairs - which was not occupied and had not been for some years, apparently.

At the time, he and his partner was close by the location of the call, as was a canine unit who got there before they did. The canine unit had this dog called Floyd who was 'famous' for being completely fearless to the point of madness. So they go up the outside stairs of the flat to the door with Floyd and kick the door down and send Floyd in, but as soon as he stepped over the threshold he stopped dead, hackles raised and started whimpering. He tried to go back downstairs but the dog handler 'threw' him into the room where he was just terrified and would not move.

The flat was empty apart from a few boxes and a children's cot, which had a mobile hanging above it (not phone kind, toy kind). The mobile was turned on and moving making musical sounds.

They didn't find anyone or anything else in the house.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Haunted House of Love

I did not receive too many paranormal calls in my years as a police officer. However, one day I was called in to day shift when their supervisor was out sick. We always had a unit watch the school zone in the morning and afternoon because it was on a strip of road that people frequently sped through. The weather was nice so I got out and walk along the sidewalk. I enjoyed talking to the kids and giving them the chance to interact in a positive way with the police.

One little girl walked up to me and asked me why we were not arresting the "ghosts" in the haunted house. Jokingly I told her that was the Ghostbusters job but since they were all the way over in New York I would see what I could do. By now a small group had gathered around and they all had stories about the same haunted house (which was along a street adjacent to where we were). The complaints were typical, banging, voices, screams. Typically in the afternoon/evening when the kids were walking home from school or out in the area playing.

I assumed it was just one of those school yard legends that grows out of nothing, but there were enough of them who swore they heard something I decided I would check it out. The house turned out to be owned by a family in Colorado (at the time I worked in a smaller Oklahoma town). The mother had passed away many years ago, and though the family owned the house and paid taxes they did nothing with it. It was a good size two story house, but years of neglect had made it look pretty rough on the outside.

It took my front office folks a day or so to find the owners. We called them, explained we had received some noise complaints, and upon inspection had located the rear entrance was unsecured. They gave us permission to enter the residence and asked that we secure it if possible when we left.
I worked the swing shift, 8PM to 4AM normally, so I drove by that evening at around 10PM. I parked out front and approached the house and sure enough there were some muffled voices inside. I called it in, and made entry (my other two units were tied up and the noise was getting louder). I knew what I was hearing by now and had a good idea this would be a quick in and out.

Sure enough I cleared the first floor and moved up to the second, where I found a couple of high school kids on a nasty looking mattress, you can guess what they were up to. I told them to get their clothes on and meet me down stairs. Did a cursory check of the remaining rooms and went on down. Turns out the house that the grade school kids thought was haunted had become a love/party next for a group of high school kids.

The kids were of age, so I sent them on their way. I did have to ask the owners if they wanted to press charges, but I was glad they didn't. The house had been left to rot and it was in seriously bad shape. Who knows which group of kids first broke the windows and/or kicked in the back door. They demoed the house and sold the lot about a month later.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Jeff Lee Johnson's "Blue Plate Special"

The longer you look, the more unsettling the image becomes.
Go show Jeff some love.

Voices at Night

This story is about something that happened to my girlfriend and her family. My girlfriend's dad and his wife were sleeping when they awoke and heard someone walking around in their house and whispering.

My girlfriend had heard the usual creeks and moans of an old house adjusting to the weather before but apparently not like this. She slept in a bedroom downstairs, and her parent's bedroom was upstairs.

She was awoken from her phone vibrating with a text message. She groggily saw it was from her dad and she read it. The text said to get out of the house because there were people in the house. She opened her window and snuck out. Meanwhile, her dad went into the kitchen armed and ready to find out what was going on.

So, he goes downstairs to where he thought her heard the noise and finds no one. There was no sign of entry. The doors were locked, and there was not a soul in the house besides my girlfriend's dad and his wife who was behind the locked door of the bedroom.

All three of them had heard the footsteps and whispering, but as soon as my girlfriend's dad went to investigate, the sound stopped.

They never came up with a realistic explanation.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mystery Sounds

A few years back we were doing a massive survey in the middle of nowhere in the interior of BC. All the crew had gone home and it was just my boss and myself left for a few days to follow up and confirm some coordinates and finish some mapping.

We head out from the motel an hour or so into the bush. Middle of nowhere along deactivated logging roads. Closest town is miles and miles away.

We hike out to this one area we had found a site a few weeks previously. For some reason the whole area just So, we get down to business and about 15 mins after being hunched over mapping, there is this WEIRD deafening "WOMP" sound. Like, I could feel pressure in my ears.

I immediately looked at my boss about 20 feet away and he is white as a ghost staring back at me. Standing, it fucking happens again "WOMP!" ear pressure and chest pressure like I was just squeezed. Chills all over my body and every hair is standing on end. My boss just looks at me and says, "let's go!". We grab all of our shit and speed hike back to the truck.

We never discussed it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Just a few weeks ago we were on a roadtrip from BC to San Diego and we came upon a campsite just outside of crescent city California. We drove through, one side of the campground was relatively empty, I noticed a few scattered tents but nobody close to the location we ended up picking. We had tons of space.

We wanted an early night so I started a fire while my girlfriend started cooking. We ate, had a few beers, and climbed up to our rooftop tent (tepui) with our dog by 9pm or so. I had a rough time sleeping and woke up a few times but finally fell into a decent sleep.

In the pitch dark with all of our tent windows and canvasses closed i was awoken at 1am by someone whistling outside of our tent the tune of "when the saints come marching in". After a few minutes of this repetitive whistling I nudged my girlfriend who awoke and was obviously freaked out as well. The whistling then turned to chanting things like "when you sleep here you disrespect me, and when you disrespect me you disrespect the US Marines!"

The person would then start spelling out words like "F.L.E.E".

The verbiage and tone kept getting more aggressive so we decided we had to make a move. I slowly unzipped the tent while our guard dog was snoring and got my head out if the tent. I took a few seconds to let my eyes adjust and figure out where the person was. I felt more confident once I could somewhat see and hear so I climbed down and the girlfriend passed me the dog and she climbed down too. We flipped the tent up without securing it and we jumped into a truck (while the person was still whistling) to a motel in crescent city.

The next morning we drove back to get the few belongings that weren't in the truck and a family who had been camping a few sites over said it went on for another 2-3 hours and it was the scariest thing their family had ever experienced.

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Hoard of Rats

I was camping in the Florida Keys one winter. I managed to survive the large snakes and even larger alligators as well as the scorpions which would get in my shoes at night but one experience I will never forget. My camp site was next to an old rock quarry which had filled with water and made a good place for swimming and getting water from. There was also an old dump sight close to this quarry with piles of stoves and fridges and other junk. It had been there for a while but nothing new had been added to it for a long time.

 One day a fellow shows up and tells me that they were going to clean up the dump and burn some of the junk so I better move my tent. So I gathered up all of my belongings and moved a few hundred yards back into the woods. That day they started burning the garbage and I thought nothing about it until I climbed into my tent at night.

As soon as it got dark and I was falling asleep my tent became covered with hundreds of rats. I guess they had moved out of the dump because of the fire and we're just wondering around looking for food. They were everywhere climbing up my ropes and over the top of the tent. I shook as many as I could off and started a fire and stayed up all night hoping they wouldn't return.

They seemed to be gone so the next night I stayed in the same place thinking they had moved on to another dump or something but no, again as it got dark they all returned bringing some of their friends as it seemed there was more than ever now. I again shook them off the tent and got a fire going. When the morning came I packed up my tent and headed for a new place far from those rats.

As I was walking down the highway wondering if I should return to another camping spot where I had been previously, there on the highway near to that place was a dead 11 foot alligator which had crawled out from the mangroves only a few feet from where I had been camping a few weeks previously. I decided my Florida camping adventure had gone on long enough and headed back home.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cannibalism and the calories of human body parts

It isn't often, or ever, that we have the occasion to share a New York Times article on Alone at Night, but we do today!

Dr. James Cole, an archeologist from the University of Brighton in England, did a little digging (pun!) and discovered the amount of calories one would consume if one consumed a human body -- as, I'm sure, one does on occasion. The end result of the study showed that if you were to eat an entire human body, you would consumer 125,000 calories, which is a lot. Pro tip: cut back on your cannibalism if you're trying to get ready for swimsuit season.

The article is interesting and macabre, which we at Alone at Night believe to be a winning combination. So, head on over to the Gray Lady and give it a ready.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Creepy Shit in the Woods Part 1 and Part 2 and 3

Here are a couple of creepy videos posted by a man named James Rankin. I'll let you read his own words describing the scene...

"This is something I stumbled across while hiking in the woods this afternoon. There's like 25 missing persons posters taped to the trees, along with some ratty old bedding, a shovel, a large tent, and a collapsed handmade wooden cage surrounding a filled-in hole. I tried to get as many of the posters in frame as I could but the video was aborted when I heard voices coming from the direction of the adjacent residence. Recorded on the afternoon of October 3rd 2016 ("Mean Girls Day") in Suffolk County, NY."

The police were called for this incident, but the owners of the property explained it all away as Halloween decorations for a party. Regardless of that being in terrible taste if true, James Rankin had some other problems with the excuse. Again, here are his own words
"On October 30th, I returned to the park to film a brief and mostly harmless update video for those who may have been wondering what's been going on since the events of earlier this month. As my narration attempts to explain, I had previously visited the woods on the preceding Tuesday by myself, and been unsuccessful at taking video, and Wednesday, when I and a couple of friends did make a video, which was dark and hard to see, not to mention kind of long. Longer even than the 12 minute runtime of this one. Recent discoveries include a stash of what appear to be (but might not be) weapons at the other fire pit, as well as some logs laid across one of the trails by persons unknown. Most of the logs had been removed by the time I returned to make this video, but can be seen in the long dark one from Wednesday that I haven't posted (yet). As you recall from earlier in the month, the missing persons posters had been explained away as being "decorations for a Halloween party" which was said to have either taken place back in August, or was set to be held at the end of October. Based on casual observations on the Friday and Saturday night of "Halloween weekend," no parties were seen to have been held at the location. However, people identifying themselves as party guests have said on facebook that a small gathering with pizza and beer took place at some point this past weekend. I am not here to judge, or to declare conclusively what happened. I'm just being the eyes and ears of the greater population. Sift through the evidence and decide for yourself. If for some reason you guys really want to see the longer, dimly lit video from Wednesday that I shot when I had some friends with me, let me know in the comments. "

Be careful where you step in the dark of the night.

Ghosts in Prison

A relative of mine was a corrections officer at a very rough prison. He worked nights and said it was usually a very quiet and easy job overall.

One night, he's making his rounds and this house-size prisoner (henceforth referred to as "House") tells him to check on another prisoner because it sounds like he's choking.

He goes to check on the cell and there's no one in it. He goes down and tells House that it's empty, everyone else seems ok, and he must be hearing things.

This goes on night after night and my relative is thinking House is just fucking with him. So, he tells House to shut up and go to sleep. House says he can't sleep.

One night, House is freaking out. My relative goes over and House has terror in his eyes. That's when my relative hears the choking noise. Then a couple other inmates start asking "what the fuck was that?"

House looks like he hasn't slept in a month and despite being at least 350 pounds of meat and potatoes, this guy looks like a scared kindergartener. My relative said he heard the noise for a solid 5 minutes, clear as day. He went around, but just couldn't hear where it was coming from because "it was like it was coming from everywhere."

When my relative reproduced the choking noise, it sounded like one of the zombies from The Walking Dead.

He said they never found a physical source for the noise, but after talking to other guards, he discovered that an inmate had been strangled to death in the empty cell years earlier: Apparently, while being strangled, someone stabbed the inmate in the throat below the rope and he was gurgle-choking-drowning through the throat stab wound. So, they beat him to death instead.

A Few Stories for April Fools

I work on a university as a security guard. One night I received  a 3am call of a "haunted dorm room". We get there and find the girls were in tears. They had googled instructions for a home exorcism, made homebrew holy water, crosses and printed out photos of Jesus and plastered them all over the walls. They said they would hear things like footsteps, a child's laughter, a whispering voice saying "hey can you hear me?

As we interviewed them, we heard it once, they screamed and burst into tears. Their RA, bless his heart, tried to help by offering the advice that at least the ghost wasn't threatening or malicious and probably meant us no harm. We asked him to leave rather than feed into the whole hysteria.

Took us a while to pin down where it was coming from but to make a log story short, someone took one of those novelty motion activated prank things and stuck it to the inside of one of the bed frames. When we were done, we asked the girls if they minded if we disposed of the thing, to which they enthusiastically agreed, and we promptly hid it in our dispatchers locker and watched the cycle continue.


I took a few criminology courses in college. One of my professors was a retired local cop. He told us about an older woman who would call weekly because aliens were jumping around on her roof. They would send out an officer. The officer who went usually just stood outside in her front yard waving his baton and yelling at the aliens to go away until the old lady was happy.