Thursday, February 16, 2017

Strange Men

A friend was on her way over to the house of a guy she had been seeing. While she's driving, she notices this old beat up truck behind her and starts to get freaked out when it becomes pretty clear that it's following her. Her friend lived in the mountains, out of city limits, so the chances of someone following her were pretty good.
She pulls in the friend's driveway and an old man in the pick up truck pulls in behind her, blocking her in. She locks all the doors and refuses to get out of the car. He comes up to the window (it was cracked about an inch) and mumbles something about them having similar license plates. At this point, she's really freaked out and has her phone in her lap calling the guy who's driveway she's parked in.
The old man lifts his hands and he has a rope in them. He asks her if she knows of a good place to walk his dog. She looks back toward his truck - there's no dog. At this point, her friend answers the phone and she tells him to get his ass outside. The friend opens his front door with a baseball bat in hands and immediately the old man starts to retreat. The guy chases him back into his car and partially tears the sideview mirror off the old truck.

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