Saturday, January 14, 2017

Share Alone at Night with a Friend

As we've posted before Alone at Night has created a Patreon account at which you can toss a dollar our way to support our work. However, we understand that not everyone is in the place where they can support us monetarily, we've been there. Even if you can't support us with donations, you can still support Alone at Night by getting the word out. Share your favorite Alone at Night post on Facebook or Twitter, or other social media. Tell your friends. Tell your mom. Tell your dog.

You can also help Alone at Night grow by sharing your scary story with us (email it to or by commenting on a post.

Finally, don't forget that I have a book out, and you can support me by purchasing either the e-book of paperback copy. The book is Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Short Stories for Children and can be found on Amazon.

Stay Safe,

Alone at Night

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