Monday, November 13, 2017

The Town Jester

My boyfriend had to move out off our apartment because he started a new job four hours away, so I stayed there alone for my last semester at school. I didn't think it was going to be a big deal at all until my sketchy alcoholic neighbor on the first floor caught wind of me being alone.

He then started following me in and out of the building, constantly knocking on my door to talk, asking me out, etc. I would sit out on these shared porches to relax and he would corner me out there, so I didn't sit on my porch anymore.

He eventually started following me to class or to bars when I walked downtown. And would start pounding on my door at midnight screaming at me about going out with friends. He would constantly lurk in the hallway that faced my bedroom and "sing" to me.

One night he came up and yelled at me in front of a friend of mine, and went to grab me by my throat and my friend called the police. They didn't do anything because my neighbor was the "town drunk/jester/would never hurt anyone/etc" bullshit. My landlord wasn't even available to talk until a month after it got bad.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Rude Awakening

I had work in the morning so I set an alarm for 6am. I place my phone on the nightstand, shut off the light and wrap myself up in a cocoon of blankets. I dose off and my phone starts going off. I knew there was no way it was already time to get up for work so I reach my hand toward my phone on the nightstand to turn off my alarm. As im reaching over, I feel my fingers run through something that feels like hair. My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to come out of my chest. I jumped out of bed so quick and bolted toward my light. Flipped it on and there was nothing in my room. I figured I must have imagined it. I walk over to my phone to shut it off and as I look down at my phone, there is two strands of dark hair intertwined in my fingers. I've never been so fucking scared in my life. I still don't know who or what was 2 inches from my face that night.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mystery Renter

My mom owns a bunch of rental properties. Her first ever rental was to a nice Puerto Rican man who was looking to move into town. Mom and I are setting up the paper work and the apartment for him. A week goes by where we haven't heard from him. Then he suddenly starts contacting us about the apartment but never wanted to meet up. He asks us to stop by one day to check things out (which was really odd). Turns someone had broken into the place. Mom makes me stay in the car and goes inside to check it out. It was mid-day when we got there so she felt safe enough to go inside.

A few days later she sees our renters face on the news. He was shot and killed 2-3 weeks prior and was accused of being a drug trafficker. The guy contacting my mom over the last week about the apartment, who would not meet up with us but wanted us to go check the place out, was not the renter.

Wrong Door

My dog woke me up at about 3AM, and I realized someone was trying to open the front door of my apartment. Scared the shit out of me. I looked in the peephole and there was a guy trying to open the door with a key but failing. So I yelled "Dude, what the fuck are you doing?"

If you think I was scared when I woke up in the middle of the night and someone was trying to get into my apartment, that paled in comparison to how freaked out this drunk guy was when he heard a voice yelling at him from inside what he thought was his apartment. He fell on his ass

Monday, November 6, 2017

The times we live in...

Who needs to seek out frights, when we live in a world of fear. There a shootings, mass and otherwise, corrupt politicians, businesses that care far more about profit than people. There are daily attacks on the environment. Clean water is a dream for many people, food scarcity is all to real for others. There is pain and anger, hatred and ignorance.

Perhaps it is this waste-world in which we live that drives us to sites like Alone at Night, or books by King, or Poe. Perhaps it is because we have such real fears to face daily that we seek out false ones. Maybe we can face the fear of the boogie man and at the end say, "Nothing to be afraid of. It's all make believe." and trick ourselves into thinking all the world's frights aren't worth our concern. Maybe.

I'm tired of this world. Bad people get ahead and good people are forced into more and more desperate situations. Does anyone want to become a hermit and go live in the woods with me? We better hurry up and get on it. I hear the forest is due to be bulldozed for a Walmart next week.

DK, Alone at Night contributor.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Unwanted Halloween Visitor

{Alone at Night Note: this story was told to us by a work colleague and is entirely true.}

Our doorbell was being run quickly, as if whoever was ringing it had some sort of emergency. This was around 9:30 Halloween night.

I was immediately on edge both because of the way the doorbell was being rung and because the last kid to ring our doorbell left with their treat no later than 6:30. It'd been nearly three hours of silence. Then this.

My husband, Allen, isn't a young man anymore, and his arthritis nearly cripples his hands, but he's still as fearless as he was when he was in his 20s. Before I could voice my concern, Allen is at the door and turning the lock. There is a large age gap between my husband and myself, so I quickly followed him to the door in case there was something wrong and an able body was needed.

I wanted to ask Allen not to open the door, but he was twisting the knob and pulling it open before I could get the words out. On our front porch, just a bare foot from the door, stood an adult man in a ski mask.

He looked to be maybe in his early 40s and wore a camouflage coat and a black ski mask. While I am much younger and more able bodied than my husband, I'm fairly small and this man was big. He was probably over six foot and over 200 pounds. There wouldn't be much my husband or I could do if this man decided to force his way into our house.

Before either my husband or I could say anything the strange man says, "Trick or treat." There were two problems aside from just the fact that this grown man was here at all; he didn't have a sack for candy, and even more alarming, he seemed to be trying to disguise his voice.

That was enough. I stepped around Allen and slammed the door on this man's face and quickly locked the door. I wanted to call the police, but saw that the man was making his way toward my neighbor, Megan's house. Megan lives alone, so before I called the police I called her to tell her not to open the door.

Megan answered the phone and I explained what happened, and as I'm on the phone with her, I heard her doorbell ring. She's freaking out, but says all the doors and windows are locked. I stayed on the phone with Megan until the man walked to the next house. Then I hung up and called the police.

The police explain that they've had like six other calls about this man from people in my neighborhood and that they've sent an officer. Not long after I hung up with the police, I saw police lights flashing through my living room window. Allen and I peaked out the curtains and saw the police talking with the man a few houses down from us. His ski mask was off and he looked like just some average white guy.

While we're watching the man being spoken with by the police, I got a couple of texts from Megan. She apparently had a doorbell that takes videos when someone rings it. She had text me a video of the man from when he was on her porch.

After speaking with the police for a few minutes, the man, now without his ski mask, walked over to an old dark car, got in, and then drove off. After he left, I walked out to speak with the police. They explained that the man hadn't technically done anything wrong, but that they told him that he was alarming the people in the neighborhood and that he had to leave.

Now, I'm a little paranoid. I keep wondering if maybe the man was casing the houses, seeing who answered the door, what valuables he might spot when the door was opened, and things like that. Maybe this was just a trial run for this guy. Maybe he would be back. I don't know...

"It's just a raccoon."

This neato image was created by Alex Konstad. You check out more of his work here.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Always Change Your Locks

I’d just moved into a basement suite. Every time I went out I would lock the deadbolt but not the door handle but when I came home a lot of the time the deadbolt would be unlocked and the door handle would be locked. At first I thought I was just confused about which one I had locked so I started paying more attention. It kept happening and I realized someone must be going in when I went out. I assumed it was the landlady and was annoyed but didn’t say anything at first.
Then one day I came home and found the wrong lock locked again. I went in pissed off and opened the fridge to get something to eat. There was a book in the fridge that I had never seen before. I collected old books and this one was published in the early 1900s which creeped me out completely because it was like it had been left for me. I finally called my landlady and asked if she was going into my apartment and told her what had happened. She freaked right out, said the last person who lived there was a really creepy guy with mental health and drug problems. She got all the locks changed that day and it never happened again

Thursday, October 26, 2017



It was just another day.
McAlister and Kethry were lounging in her studio apartment, located near campus, complaining about everything, per usual. South Bend was boring. Notre Dame was dull. All the cute guys went to Stanford. Every other girl not currently in the apartment was a bitch for one bullshit reason or another. She had had enough of it. She wasn’t’ above talking shit, and lord knows she hated South Bend, the entire state of Indiana as a matter of fact, but that night those two dumb skanks, whom she considered her best friends, were getting on her nerves.
“Get dressed, we’re going out,” she commanded. Kethry and MacCalister stood almost immediately. Queen Bee had spoken, and while neither Kethry nor McAlister would admit to it, she was the top bitch in their group.
In the “Backer”, as it was called, the painted cinder block walls were sparsely hung with University of Notre Dame sports paraphernalia. The drinks were cheap and strong, and there was always an even mix between students and townies trying to look like students. Sure, you were as likely to pick up an STD as you were a decent guy, but it was a place to dance, and drink, and be young and pretty.
The problem with Kethry and McAlister was that they were lushes. They were lushes, but they were lightweights. McAlister, Ms. Tacky, practically chugged a 32 ounce Miller Light from a clear plastic cup. If she kept it up her little muffin top would become a full blown cake. Kethry consumed a long island ice tea that the not-so-cute bartender made extra strong for her. 
Within an hour of being there, they were both near falling over. They were stupid enough to dance on the legendary pole. Not a real stripper’s pole on a stage, but a steel pole that was made as a structural support beam. By a certain hour of the night, not so genteel young women danced on that poll every weekend.
With Kethry and Mcslut occupied on the dance floor, she was left alone to watch the room and hope to find someone else she knew. She’d been texting with Wolf, real name Steve, trying to get him to come out, but he was at some party at Zahm Hall. Why he lived in a dorm was beyond her. It’s not like his parents didn’t have the money to rent a place for him. He drove a Lexus RC F that his parents bought him for his 20th birthday – but he chose to live on campus. He was super sexy, she thought, but pretty tame overall. A future project manager that had the nerve to ask people to call him Wolf, a nickname he'd given himself, she was sure.
She’d finally said fuck you to Steve, put her phone away, and looked up to see a Channing Tatum lookalike staring her down from across the bar. He moved, square shouldered, around from the other side of the bar and slowly looked her up and down.
“Andre,” he said, extending his hand.
She looked down at his hand like it was Latin homework. Who the fuck shook hands?
He was a student, on the swim team, which explained his shoulders. She told him she was going to be a lawyer and if he tried any funny shit, she’d sue his ass. She made him laugh. He made her horny. 
She’d introduced him to McAlister and Kethry who were just sober enough to realize he was dreamy. Immediately the drunken, half-hidden, texts started arriving to her phone from the two of them.
OMG Sext-lkitten!!!
IF you don’t duck him I will.
And the like.
At some point Kethry and McAlister told her they were going to Corby’s, an Irish-in-name-only bar, because Kethry’s secret girl-crush Maddy was there with some people. She told them she’d head there later. She wanted to stay with Mr. Tatem.
Then her memory began to get splotchy.
She was in a car. She remembered trying to turn on the radio and whoever was driving, maybe Andre, kept turning it off. She caught the street sign, Sample, and then the next thing she remembered, she was getting out of the car, being half carried and half pulled across the sidewalk. The last thing she remembered of that night was a house number, 2219.
She awoke on the floor of a bathroom. The bruise on the bend of her arm, spoke of something she could only half guess. Her mouth tasted salty and dry and she hurt. She hurt all over. She hurt in places she should not have hurt. 
The bathroom door opened, she saw a barefoot with hairy toes, and then her memory failed again.
The next time she awoke, it was on the ground in an alley. She was in the same clothes she wore the night before, but was missing her shoes. She made her way to the street, and didn’t recognize anything. Her purse was gone, along with her cell. She made her way to a mechanic’s garage across the street and asked to use the phone. Kethry picked her up a short time later.
She knew what had happened to her. She didn’t remember it, but she knew. It was obvious.
She spent the next few weeks going through all the patterns. Anger. Police. School officials. Nothing came of any of it.
Friends said loud words of encouragement to her face, and then whispered words of blame behind their hands. Inside herself, a coldness spread, a calm commitment, a burning need. She became the knife’s edge.
She moved through the street like oil through a funnel. She slid through the shadows and the piss-yellow light that leaked from the intermittent street lamps. 
She’d borrowed Wolf’s car and had done slow passes down the streets branching from Sample until she found the right house number. She parked down the block and slunk her way along the sidewalk.
Overgrown bushes flanked the steps leading to the front door. She slipped behind one. Pulsing music vibrated windows. She breathed in time with the beat. The music increased five-fold as the door opened. She willed herself invisible. 
A man passed the bush and walked down the walkway to the sidewalk, but she did not recognize him. It was not Andre. The man got into an Audi parked at the curb and turned the ignition but didn’t leave.
The music played on in the house, and she heard the indistinguishable words of a one-sided conversation. The music stopped, so did her breathing. Again, the door opened. Andre walked from the house and got in the waiting Audi. It drove off.
Breaking in was easier than she had imagined it would be. The front window was unlocked and slid open easily. She was inside and exploring within thirty seconds of emerging from behind the bush. It was a mess. PBR cans empty and half empty, the stale smell of cigarettes. She explored two bedrooms, a bathroom. Two men lived there. Andre and the other.
She found a photo in Andre’s bedroom of him with a smiling middle aged couple. His parents, she guessed. Did they know what their son did for fun? Did they raise him to be the man he was? Should she find them after she was done with him?
Hours passed. She waited patient as a cloud. Eventually, Andre came home.
She emerged from the closet as he was getting out of his clothes. She smiled. It was an easy thing, pulling a trigger. 
She was Shiva the Destroyer. Queen Bitch. She was Death in Juicy sweatpants.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The night my grandmother died, I heard voices coming from her room. The only people in the house were me, grandma and my mother. It was about 1 o'clock in the morning and I could hear my mother snoring in the other room, so I knew she wasn't in there talking to grandma and I would have recognized her voice if she was. These were voices I did not recognize, furthermore, one of them was distinctly male. I very clearly heard my grandmother say, "Oh, how have you been?" and the male voice responded too low for me to make out the words, but my grandma sounded SO HAPPY to be chatting with him. By this time, I had gotten up and had my hand on the doorknob, about to go into her room and investigate what the hell was up, when I heard a female voice (not my grandma) saying "it's time to go now." I heard that, and my whole body just froze. It's hard to explain, but I just had this terrible, frightful sensation that it would be very, very bad for me to open that door right then. Like walking in on your parents having sex, only with some kind of terrifying ghost thrown in for extra horror. I just backed away very slowly and went into my mom's room instead. I felt so cold all over, like I had been standing outside in a snowstorm, so I got under the covers and just laid there until my mom woke up. Then I told her I thought grandma was dead. She was. I still miss her. Even though it was terrifying for me, hearing that exchange has made me less scared of dying. Grandma wasn't scared of the voices. She was happy. She wanted to go with them. I hope she comes for me when it's my time.
Some interesting additional information I found out after talking it over with my mom: When she found Gran's body, she was on the floor a few feet from her bed, on the left side of the room, away from the door. Gran had been bed-ridden for 2 months prior to this and the only thing in that corner of the room was this ancient suitcase that she had carried all her life, from Kansas to California to Oklahoma and back again. It had some sentimental items, mostly pictures and a pair of black satin gloves which I now own.
She had also somehow managed to put her shoes on! We can only guess she was getting herself ready to go on with her journey.
The day before, the hospice nurse had told my mom it would be coming soon, and this was good because she was in incredible pain from breast cancer and metastatic disease. My mom and I had tearfully sat down with Gran and told her it was okay for her to go, we loved her, etc. I promised her I'd take care of my mom and she went to sleep with us holding her hands. That was the last conversation we had with her.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017


This Halloween, remember that some of the scariest things are real.

That's Not My Boyfriend

My boyfriend, who I live with, works as a teacher in a town about 15 minutes away by train. He gets home more or less at the same time every day, give or take an hour or so. I, on the other hand, work from home.

In late January of this year we'd gotten in a pretty big fight about something stupid. I can't even remember what it was about now, but it was one of those fights where we didn't speak to each other, text, call, or anything the whole next day.

So, this afternoon I was lying in bed getting work done. It was a Tuesday, and I was pretty sure his last class finished at 1 PM on Tuesdays, meaning he'd surely be home at 2:30. But around 1 PM I heard the front door open and shut. I thought "huh, I guess he's home an hour early today." It was normal for him to skip his last class every once in a while, so I didn't really think anything of it. In fact, I was mostly mentally preparing for the awkward post-fight "hey how's it going" conversation.
So I continued to lie in bed and do my work and wait for him to come in and change his clothes. The bedroom door was closed and I had earplugs sort of half-in, as I usually do when I'm working, but I could hear the heavy footsteps of him walking around the apartment, as he always does. If we hadn't been mid-fight and I wasn't so preoccupied with the awkwardness of it all, I might have noticed it was strange how slow the footsteps were or how long he spent walking around the living room. But I was caught up in the dramatics of the fight and didn't think about it. I was just lying there, waiting, waiting, waiting for him to finally come in.

Finally, the bedroom door slowly opened just a few inches. I turned my head towards the door and prepared to give him a sort of awkward "we've been fighting for 24 hours, huh?" smile. But the door didn't open more than a few inches. I looked and saw that it was a woman's hand with red nail polish on the doorknob. Whoever was there slowly closed the door just as they had opened it, without entering the room. I jumped out of bed, ripped out my ear plugs, and sort of froze there for a few seconds while thinking rapidly.

My first thought: that was not my boyfriend.

Then I thought "could that have been his mom? His sister? The landlady?"

For some reason I concluded that surely it was his mom or sister. So I opened the bedroom door and walked into the living room. There wasn't anyone there, but the room smelled heavily of women's perfume. Then I came to my senses and realized "his mom and sister don't have keys and have never come over before. The landlady has never entered without permission... this was a stranger"
I ran back into the bedroom and shut the door, now shaking heavily. There is a balcony connected to the bedroom so despite the cold January rain, I stood on the balcony and called my boyfriend. He picked up and I asked him if his mom or sister might come over unannounced. He told me "No. Don't move, I'm calling the police." The police were there in minutes and searched the whole apartment. Of course nobody was there by this point.

It was weird, though. Nothing was missing from the apartment despite us keeping a jar full of money right in the entrance. Nothing was even touched. In fact it seemed like the intruder came straight to the bedroom, saw my legs on the bed, panicked and left. Plus, you can't open that big wooden front door without a key. For a few days, my boyfriend and I were convinced it was just the landlady being nosy. I began to feel better.

Nevertheless, we demanded that the landlady change our locks. When she came to change them with her husband, she made a discovery. There was a square area by the keyhole that had been scratched away with something. The landlady said surely someone used tools to break into the apartment.
Then, a day or two later my boyfriend told me "I have to tell you something, but don't freak out." He told me that the orange kitchen scissors were missing. I obviously freaked out. I tore the apartment apart looking for those scissors. It's been 6 months and those scissors are gone. So the whole thing is just creepy and weird... a stranger breaks into a nice apartment but doesn't touch or take anything valuable (not even the money jar sitting right in the entrance), takes scissors from the kitchen, goes straight to the bedroom, sees someone in bed and immediately leaves.

I never got to meet the person who opened the door that day. I hope I never do.

Gold Car Weirdo

This all happened a few years back. I was leaving my local gas station, during the day, and picked up some drinks and snacks for the family. As I was leaving a man in a gold car beeped his horn at me and waved. Thinking he simply mistook me for someone else I waved and kept going. As I made it to the intersection, waiting for the light to change, I see him pull into the road and lane closest to me. I'll be honest at that point I wasn't worried, but within a few moments I was terrified.

Once I crossed the street the car began to follow at my pace from the road as I took the sidewalk. It was way to close for comfort I started getting deeper into the parking lot/yards near my road. I made it to my street and that's when things got super weird, and creepy.

From this point on he was so close to me that if he had even tapped the gas he would have hit my legs. He never said a word, just silently followed me down the road. The way my street was set up is we had a few cross streets, and one that cut right through from the main road next to it, and my house was on the other side of that. So about halfway down. I had a ways to go at this point and praying he would just get tired of this crap and go. That did not happen at all. I even tried rationalizing it. But, I knew in my gut he was waiting for an opportunity. For what I'll never know for sure.

Then a car came up behind him so he had to drive past me, and he just stared me down until he turned onto the first side road. I felt a sigh or relief, that he may have just left finally. Instead, he turned around and came back up behind me, which this time he got more aggressive and seemed to be pushing me to walk faster. We were almost to my house now, and I didn't want him to know where I lived so I was going to keep walking but by a miracle of the heavens two or three cars came down so he had to turn because of where they were on the street.

I took this beautiful opportunity to run to my house lock the door, and tell my sister in law and husband what happened. At first they kinda blew me off, until we looked out the window and there he was creeping down my street and past the house. He did this around three times, coming back down. My husband wanted to baseball bat the guy, but I told him no because then the weirdo would know where we lived. He eventually did stop and leave. So, gold car man, let's not meet again.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Failed Home Intruder

I lived in this apartment with just my cat, Minki. At 8pm the outside doors are locked for safety, as this is section 8 housing and it protects those inside.

One night at around 11pm I'm up watching a youtube video on my laptop on my bed when loud knocking starts up. At first I thought it was from elsewhere or in the video, only to realize it was coming from the door into my apartment. I'm on the second floor and my cat is in the little livingroom so I can't go out the window.

I just sit frozen and listen as it got louder and it sounded like the knob was being jerked around. It's a curved one that you tip to turn. I grabbed for something on my bed just in case...soda bottle...okay.
Whoever it was just pounded harder and harder, turning the damned handle frantically until I thought the door would break, it's a heavy door thank god but it was strained. Then just like that it stopped.

I sat for a few moments in silence then got up thinking maybe I imagined it. I looked into the living room, my cat was curled under a chair with his tail poofed out, eyes wide like it was thinking "nope"!  So,  i knew i wasn't imagining it.

I looked into the peephole and saw nothing, so I did something I regret. I opened the door. Nobody. I quickly closed and locked it.

Next morning I saw the paint on the door was scratched up and the metal around the handle was scratched. My lock was the first to get an upgrade after that.

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The Shining

Camping Among UFOs

Camping with a few friends:

Friend and I take a few beers down to our fishing poles (we'd been catfishing for hours and kept hearing the bells go off but couldn't land a fish). We each sit down next to our poles and eventually we both lay back to look at the stars.

As we're shooting the shit on UFOs and the supernatural a blinding light appears for a split second right above us maybe 40-50 feet in the air. It was as if a flying, invisible person with an invisible camera had taken a picture of us. My friend and I both freaked out and started yelling to our other friends to ask if they'd seen the light. They had not. We sat there in amazement for a while talking about it. My friends son then joined us. He checked on his pole and then sat down next to his dad while asking "What were you guys yelling ab...HOLY SHIT!" It happened again.

The second time I thought the light lasted a second or two longer but my friend swears it was there for the same length of time. It hadn't moved either. It was still right above us and no higher than we could throw a rock. We never saw it again though.

Unsettling Events

I had always had unsettling events happen to me.

Earliest one was when I was a toddler in one of those mobile bouncy chairs hopping around in the backyard with my them 5 year old sister and mom. The phone rings and mom runs to go grab it. In the few minutes she is gone I manage to bounce my way across the yard and into the pool. My sister hears the splash and her first instinct is to jump in after me (she's always has a strong maternal instinct when it comes to my brothers and I) when a black, distorted figure appears next to her telling her to not save me and that I would be fine on my own. Thank god she ignored this apparition and jumped in and grabbed me. My mom returns about 2 minutes later to my sister practically drowning herself trying to keep me above water. I'm so thankful for her.

Another time, when I was about 12, I was finally granted the allowance to stay home alone for a few hours. My mom was leaving for the grocery store and was only to be gone a few minutes. I insisted on staying home, and she granted my wish. I remember siting in a swively chair watching some show on the Telly with my ponytail draped over the back of the headrest. A few minutes after my mom left, I felt what I thought was a light tug on my hair, which i quickly disregarded as my hair being caught on something, and presumed watching whichever show was on at the time. Then, a few moments later, I felt a TUG. At this point I freaked the fuck out and ran into the kitchen where I waited for my mother for an hour. Later on I examined the chair to see if in anyway my hair could have just been caught on something, but the chair is a solid shape made of velvet. A few years later we got a dog who would stand at the top of the stairs growling and barking at that specific corner of the house where the tv used to be.

A few months later it was my older sisters birthday and her boyfriend at the time had given her a Spongebob balloon. My sister fucking loved Spongebob so she kept the balloon until is was practically deflated on the floor. One day my sister and I were doing our makeup for fun in her closet mirrors (the closet doors were mirrors) when the balloon ALL of a sudden rose from the other side of her room and quickly floated at us hitting me in the back of the head. My sister and I freaked out but then later decided there must have been a strong draft in the room. Until later in the week my younger brother runs down the stairs crying as the balloon turns the corner of the hallway then proceeds to follow him down the stairs. My sister and I grabbed knives after that and slashed the balloon to shreds. Now when I see Spongebob balloons at the grocery store they scare the shit out of me.

Last instance I can remember right now is a conversation I had with my sister about two years ago. My sister and I's rooms were right next to each other and my closet wall was her wall at the head of her bed. I confined in her that when I was a teen I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and see a shadow like male figure in the corner of my room near my closet. My sister was shocked and told me she regularly experienced the same thing too. Flash forward 6 months after we move out and I discover that the son of previous tenets hanged himself in MY closet.
Obviously I had a lot of good memories in that house and growing up with my family, but boy am I glad to have gotten the fuck outta there.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mystery Star Cloud

Me and a friend were sitting outside under a tree on our comfy lawn chairs pulling away at the hookah, it was around 8-9pm ish. Then out of no where I see my friend look up and said "I don't want to sound weird or look like a weirdo, but I'm not the only one seeing that, right??" I look over my shoulder and in the night sky what looks like a huge cluster of stars is just floating by slowly, every colour imaginable, hundreds of them, we watched it go from the west to the east all the way until it went out of sight.

 A few minutes later some people were walking past and they asked us if we saw it too, looked awesome, yet it was creepy because how do you explain that?

Another story one comes to mind. A few years ago, also lateish at night, we were on our way to a corner shop with my sister and her boyfriend, she points out something in the sky, I look and it's exactly like those triangular shaped "things" with the light on each corner that you always hear people talking about on the UFO shows. It seemed like it was about 200 meters from the ground, we followed it a few blocks to where it went over a mountain and we couldn't follow it anymore. Only when it went over the mountain you could see how low it was actually flying.
Should probably also add this is in south africa, shit like that never happens here.

Channeling Spirits

I'm Chinese, living in Singapore. My grandfather used to have a giant altar at home that had statuettes of all these Chinese gods, like the Jade Emperor, the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yu, etc. Every year he would be in charge of organising this massive event, which my dad explained was the gods' birthday celebration. During that day, there'd be a huge tent set up in a nearby field, the statuettes would be moved to a temporary altar in the tent, and mediums would come for the event and take turns invoking the various gods into their bodies so they could a) answer questions of the people who would show up to either ask for help or guidance, and b) have some fun chilling in a physical body, essentially, and sort of check in with the believers. 

I was a kid when my granddad was still alive and doing this, so I never really questioned it, just took it as a part of life. I knew the mediums; they were just regular guys who'd come and drink coffee with my granddad on occasion and shoot the breeze. But when they were...possessed by the gods, they were suddenly capable of things that they really shouldn't be able to. I saw one guy cut his tongue repeatedly to use the blood to draw on paper amulets, but he had no wounds once he returned to his normal self. I saw another guy who was channeling Guan Yu lift the guan dao (I think the translation would be halberd?) with one hand, when the thing was heavy enough that it usually took two men to lift it, and swing it around casually with the grace and expertise of someone who was used to that weapon, and he's average in built, with no martial arts training.

We stopped having those Major Days, or 大日子 celebrations after my granddad passed away, and his children all chose not to continue with his legacy, so the clan association members invited the god statuettes away to either stay in their homes or at their temples. And as I grew up, I realized that what I thought was normal was a very very different childhood from most of my classmates, even those of the same race and religious background. There are many shen tan, 神坛, out there (dammit, I'm not sure what that translates to... Temples?) in Singapore and Malaysia and Taiwan that still have mediums that channel the gods regularly for people to ask for guidance. There are, of course, many that are full on con jobs, out to cheat desperate people of their money or worse. Considering the fact that my granddad lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment and didn't leave much to his children upon death, we were either the worst con people ever, or all that was genuine.

It's hard for me to reconcile my childhood with the Western education and culture that I'm so much more familiar with. It's hard for me to reconcile that with science. It's bloody impossible for me to try to explain away the fact that one of the mediums came to my granddad's house one day out the blue, spontaneously channeled one of the gods, 济公 ji gong, without the usual ritualistic singing or preparation, and warned my granddad that if he went on that trip to China, he would die, and my granddad did fall violently sick upon his return, wasted away in a matter of days, and died weeks after. That medium liked to wear rings on his fingers that were super tight and usually required a lot of grease and effort to take off before he channeled the gods (you're not supposed to have any jewelry on you). That day in my granddad's living room, his rings flew off and we had to go hunt them out from under the coffee table. He didn't know my granddad was even going on that trip, or why he was going, but when he was channeling, he knew all the details.

My Catholic, Eurasian husband has a hard time reconciling the woman he knows with that part of my life and how familiar I am with the various rituals and gods. I guess he thinks of it all as a rather old-fashioned ethnic belief system, and that people are just faking being mediums for purposes of parting the gullible with their money. I don't often talk about that part of my life because it's kinda hard to explain myself and I dread seeing the "are you kidding me?" expression on people's faces. And so...that's the hardest thing for me to explain.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Haunted Scotland

Spent a week in the highlands of Scotland with my SO, his 3 brothers, their wives and kids. We rented a building at some huge house in the middle of nowhere (if you've been to the highlands, you'll know what I mean). This place had 3 floors and one particular night we were all on the second floor watching TV. My SO was about to go for a cigarette downstairs, he opens the door onto the hallway and stops. 'I can hear someone sweeping downstairs.' So, we all stood and listened. We all heard it and and crept downstairs together. No one was down there.

The next night I was on the top floor, in the bathroom, and someone walked down the corridor and stood outside the bathroom. I could see their shadow under the door. I called out and said I would be a moment. I came out and no one was there, but I could still the shadow under the door just before I opened it. The building also had a pulley system to bring bags up from the bottom floor (it was not used and chained up) but we could hear it moving during the night. One night my SO's brother about went mental at the kids (4 boys aged between 8 and 13) because he could hear them running up and down the halls and it was really late. However, he went into their room and they were all fast asleep.

By the end of the week we were all sleeping with the lights on and made sure we were all together in the same room in the evenings before bed.

Hunched and Moist

I got up at like 5am and took the dog out.  Suddenly dog wonders off to do her business and moments later suddenly the dog comes running back to the house whining and scared. I looked over at the corner of the house and saw a small like 3 1/2ish feet tall humanoid with a hunched back totally bald and moist looking step out from corner. It turned and looked at me I just watched it, then it turned around and walked back behind the house.

Never saw it again, no idea what it was.

Mystery Call

This was about 20 years ago. My teenage sister was talking to my mom and me in the living room one afternoon. Suddenly, my mom gets a weird look on her face, stops mid sentence and says "I have to answer the phone."

This was the 1990s and my family had a landline on the wall near the kitchen. My mom walked toward it, but the things is -- it wasn't ringing.

As she walks toward the silent phone in the kitchen, the phone begins to ring.

My mom picks it up and answers, "Hello? Yes, this is she." (She never talked like this).

"Yes. Yes. Okay. I will."

She then suddenly hung up the phone. No goodbye or anything.

My sister and I are pretty unnerved at this point. "Who was that?" We ask.

"Who was who?" my mom responds.

"On the phone!" We say.

"When was I on the phone?" she replies, thinking we're full of it.

She still, to this day, has no recollection of what had just happened. I think about it constantly, 20 years later.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Web Comics from Super A

Super A is a friend of Alone at Night makes some terrific and adorable comics. We highly recommend you check her out. Here's on for Halloween -- our favorite season at Alone at Night.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Dealing with the Eldery

I used to work in a dementia/Alzheimer's community. We had one resident who seemed fine, no need to check on him incessantly, didn't bother anyone. One morning we went to go wake him up for breakfast. He was in the shower so we left after knocking on the door and hearing his 'Out in a minute'. We got worried twenty minutes later when he still hadn't shown. We heard the water still running and opened the doorbto find blood everywhere and him lying on the floor, dead. EMS said he'd likely had a stroke and blacked out, hitting his head in the process.
A week or so later, a new resident moved into his room. Places like where I work don't believe in bad juju or anything that doesn't involve money. His room was sold almost the day after his family moved his stuff out. The evening she moved in, she called us incessantly insisting that her bathroom door was locked and when she tried to get in she heard a man inside say "I said, I'd be out in a minute". This continued for a week or two, including instances where the shower would randomly turn itself on. Same community, lady dying of stage 4 cancer. She still had her right to go out and smoke, so we would take her to the commons area where she would proceed to have conversations with her old (dead) crack dealer named Magic and defiantly tell him she would not be going to hell with him. The day she died, as we were waiting for the funeral home to come pick her up and were sitting there having a cigarette in her memory and crying, we heard her voice clear as a fucking bell say "I ain't go with Magic. Don't cry". I cried harder. We loved that woman.
I am also a home hospice nurse. I had a very odd lady who was close to the end and she was insisting that there was a woman in her bed. That's a clear sign for most of us that either the veil is thinning, condition declining, or a combination of the two. She would call me in sobbing, saying that that wasn't the lady who was supposed to come get her. I couldn't console her, I called her daughter to come see her. She was on her way, so I moved her into a bedroom on the front of the house that let more light in and had a view of the road. My patient had developed an inexplicable fear of the dark out of nowhere so I figured the streetlights and porch light would help her feel better and sleep without an overhead light keeping her fully awake.
Shortly after I got her to sleep, her daughter ran full speed into the house. It was past dark and she was on the phone with the police. She grabbed me, pulled me into the room with her mother and locked the door and windows. I was dumbfounded. She explained to me that when she pulled up she saw someone crawling on the side of the house towards her mother's normally-inhabited-but-now-vacant bedroom. CRAWLING ON THE FUCKING SIDE OF THE FUCKING HOUSE LIKE FUCKING SPIDERMAN. Cops came, checked everywhere, found nothing, left. Not half an hour later, my patient woke up, smiled at me and her daughter, said "the right one is here now, I love you", died. I didn't sleep for days.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Let me set the stage. It's about 3am on a weeknight, my wife and I, along with our dachshund are sleeping. I don't sleep terribly well, so it doesn't always take much to wake me up. I don't know if I was already awake or if Ripley (our dachshund) woke me up. Either way, I can hear him growling under the covers. Not the kind of growl when he is dreaming, but growling AT something or someone. The dog is awake.
This alarms me, because it's 3am, and our bedroom door is closed. He is growling at SOMETHING. Every single time someone walks by the house and he is up in the front window or at the door, he will growl or bark. I knew that he was growling for a reason.
I sit up in bed and listen. At this point, my wife wakes up and asks me what I am doing. I shush her and keep listening. There it is. A knock. The dog barks again. I shush him. I keep listening. There is someone knocking on one of my doors. Or maybe it's the neighbors house?
I slowly get out of end and hear the knocking once more before opening my bedroom door. From the doorway, I can see directly out the back slider onto the deck. There is no one there. The house is dark. I don't hear the knocking anymore.
I go back and look out the bedroom window to my neighbors house. I see no one. I then proceed to check out the rest of the house. Slowly tiptoeing through the house I open the side door one. I move to the front of the house and look out of the big front window. Nothing. I open the front door and step out onto the porch and have a look up and down the sidewalk. There is no one there.
Someone was knocking on what, in hindsight, I suspect was the side door of the house. But I saw no one. Also I should mention that you have to open the side gate to get to the side door. The gate was shut. A drunk? I wish I knew, I think.

Craft Store

I work at a craft's store and I almost always have the closing shift (this night we closed around 9:30) since I work in the mornings somewhere else every week day. Usually there are only four people that close every night: the shift manager, the cashier, and the two other associates that were working the floor. 

After the manager closes down all the registers, the cashier usually follows them back into the office to help get the money bags sorted out and stuff. 

That night this girl and I were working the floor so we stayed out in the now half-lit store and finished up putting some stuff away. After a few minutes the other girl and I hear what sounds like boxes moving several aisles away from us, towards the front of the store. Didn't think much of it, probably just the cashier helping us out now. 

Our manager asks us over the walkie talkie if one of us could go get the slip out of register 1's receipt printer. The other girl and I agreed that the cashier girl was closer so she could do it. It was pretty damn quiet other than them still moving around those boxes or whatever so we kinda just shouted "Hey (cashier's name) could you get that?" No answer. "..(cashier's name)...?" Still no answer. 

This made my heart drop into my stomach. The other associate and I looked at each other wide-eyed and she was obviously creeped out too. I somehow got the courage to run up to the front and grab the paper slip and run back (all while still hearing someone fixing up the shelves) to the office with the other three people. 

All three, including the girl who was cashier, were back there in the money room that was attached to the office. I immediately asked the cashier if she had gone out on the floor. She shook her head no and the other girl and I again exchanged "what the fuck" looks.

 I explained to the cashier and manager what we heard and they kind of just brushed it off. I took my earpiece out of my ear and on the way to put away my walkie talkie by the computer in the office I passed by the office door and I fucking shit you not, heard two light knocks right as I had my back to it. 

I was too damn scared to even tell the other three what had just happened and plus I assumed they wouldn't believe me anyway. Eventually we were walking out of the front door, locked it, and all four of us turn around to the parking lot and automatically count 5 cars. 

The unfamiliar car that did not belong to us was parked in the very front and was a rusty maroonish color. Not a single thing was said, we just fast-walked to our cars and got the hell out of there. I don't know if there was a person in the store or what but it made me terrified to work closing shifts for the next several weeks.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Low Budget Horror Movie Article by Wired

If you are here at Alone at Night,  then you probably love horror movies.  And if you have good taste in movies,  then you probably understand that most horror movies suck.  Well, there is good news for us in this article from

“You’re starting to see horror change again. It’s not just recycling the ’70s and ’80s. Even though there was sci-fi horror back then, it’s adding a lot more science fiction concepts, and a lot more of these mind-game philosophical puzzle things, which I feel kind of started around the time of Cube back in the ’90s and is coming full circle with, well, with Circle. … I find this resurgence so exciting. I’m not sure the resurgence is there with books right now—books are still a little thin on the ground with really original, interesting horror (Alone at night editor's note: they must not have read our book Terrifying Tales.)—but movies definitely are having a boom."

Friday, August 25, 2017

Urban Exploration part 3

Norristown State Hospital Exploration by JohnnyCakes

So a few friends (I think three of them in this specific instance) and I go "ghost hunting" and check out weird places and stuff every now and then. We live out in Kentucky where there's not much to do, pretty rural areas. One night we decided to check out this fairly old place that's a good 15-20 minute drive from one of my friend's places, kind of out in the middle of nowhere. They call it the Mercer House, I assume because some family with the last name Mercer lived there once. As far as I know no murders or anything bad that would make it "haunted" happened.
It's a two or three (can't remember. I think it was three but the stairs were so rickety we didn't want to risk it by going up to the third) story old wooden house in the middle of a field, and no one has lived there for quite a while (I dunno the exact number of years). Supposedly some of the local meth-heads go there for recreation every now and then, so two of us had bats in case we needed to fight off some drugged-up hobos like in Condemned or something. So that possible threat was a little creepy, plus some other redneck family technically owns the land the house is on and is known for shooting first and asking later, though they never really go around the Mercer House.
Due to the mud (it had rained really hard earlier, but was clear for the rest of the night) we could only pull up partly through the driveway, then had to park and walk the rest of the way (which was still a good 3-5 minutes or so, we like needlessly long driveways in KY). During the walk we hear some coyotes howl which was a little creepy, but they seemed pretty far away. As we approached the house we noticed a cat. Kind of cute, actually, it was a bit dirty but it looked nice, not like those nasty, ear-bitten-off, festering wounds, patches-of-fur-missing type of homeless cats. It was pretty affectionate and didn't run from us, instead following us around. The front door was slightly ajar before we went in. The lock was smashed off anyway so the wind could just as easily have blown it open, and we didn't think much of it. The cat followed us inside.
The living room and kitchen were on the first floor and not that interesting, although thanks to the druggies the living room had an interesting mix of old and semi-new (but junky and probably stolen) furniture. I'm remembering that there was a door that lead under the stairs, but it was either locked or blocked by something and we didn't want to disturb anything so we left it alone. At the bottom of the stairs, sitting on the rail was a small plastic bottle. It looked kind of scientific, like something you'd keep a sample in. There was a sticker label, but it was worn off and partially ripped so if there was ever any writing on it it was completely gone now. The bottle was filled with some kind of blue transparent liquid. One of our dumber friends uncapped it and took a whiff, but said it had no scent. We put the cap back on and left the bottle where we found it.
We headed upstairs and there were a lot of smaller rooms, so we split up into two pairs (like I said, two of us had bats, and two of us had flashlights so it worked out. I'm not particularly creeped out by the dark, but I am creeped out by drug-addled rednecks trying to kill me, so I had one of the bats). The cat decided to follow my pair. So my friend and I went to check out one of the bedrooms. This one had a window, so a bit of moonlight was peering in and falling directly on a stack of newspapers. They were all old, from like the 1950s or something, which was pretty neat. I crouched down to read over the top one, I think the front page story was about a murder which was interesting.
My reading was interrupted by my friend behind me who let out a sudden, "Fuck!" I hopped up prepared with my bat and asked him what the hell his problem was, and he waved me over to the cabinet he was examining. He shined his light on the front of it where someone had carved the word "HELP" into the wood. I told him he was an idiot and someone was just messing with us, but he insisted up and down that the first time he looked over the cabinet, that wasn't there, and it showed up after he started checking it out. I still think he's full of shit but he was certain of it. Right about that point, the cat (which had been following my friend mostly) decided it was bored and left the room. It sounds weird but almost the exact moment the cat went around the doorway and left my line of sight, our flashlight's batteries died.
We called the other guys over and all formed together back into one group since we only had the one light. The cat came back with the other two, and continued to follow all of us. We looked around a bit more, and decided to check out the bathroom. The shower had one of those classic old curtains. The guy with the flashlight was too much of a wuss, so I opened the curtain, and immediately saw movement. Something small and dark was in the tub and moving around. It seemed slow and smooth, so I assumed it was a snake. Ghosts don't bother me, but fuck snakes, so I decided we should call it a night and we GTFO pretty quick.
As we left the place, the cat continued to follow us until we stepped off the front porch, where it sat down and stayed, still watching us. Once we got about two yards from the house, our other flashlight went out.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Urban Exploration Part 2

Here is another group of tales from urban explorers. 

There is an abandoned east coast insane asylum that I've often seen posted, both on Reddit as well as various other places around the internet. I personally have been there probably 10 or 15 times over the course of a decade, and each time I've found something new, as the complex is very spread out, and very massive. What I've never seen posted, nor even mentioned, however, is the maze of tunnels beneath the complex.
Connecting each building is a subterannean network of tunnels for steam, water, sewage, and electric. The tunnels are all roughly 10-15 feet underground, and quite long. They lead into the basement of each structure in a portion of the complex, with an emergency escape hatch that leads out into the woods between buildings in a portion. One weird thing is that most of the entrances to the tunnel system are hidden in the walls - I exited through a door once and found myself in a room that was the complex's post office, where I'd literally been 5 times before, and had never noticed that there was a hidden passage integrated into the wood paneling.
The complex has been abandoned for 20-30 years, so parts of the tunnels are very wet with leaking water. When you're down in them, you constantly hear environmental noise, as well as echos from your own movements. There is NOTHING reflective down there, and there are no outside sources of light. If you don't have a bright enough flashlight, it can get kind of difficult to make out features of things in the distance, and you're relying alot upon the slight tonal differences of what you can see to determine what something is off in the distance before you're right up on it (go out on a moonless night, and shine an LED penlight against a concrete wall from like 15 feet away to get an idea what I'm talking about).
Now, for the terror:
First of all, I have a stupid habit of going into these place by myself. I've recently started correcting this, because you never know when an accident could happen, leaving you alone, underground, in the dark. The last time I was in the tunnels, I was by myself, with a single AA battery powered 75-100 Lumen LED flashlight (mistake number two). During this excursion, I decided to follow the tunnel down to what was the water treatment building for the complex. This tunnel slopes downward, so the leaking water previously mentioned runs down and collects at the tunnel's end. So, at the end of the tunnel, I enter this large room, with two 15 foot tall water storage tanks. There is probably an inch of water and muck on the floor, which makes a "schtuck" noise when you walk. I'm standing still, looking around with my flashlight, and from the opposite side of the room, around 20 feet away, I hear "schtuck"..."schtuck". There is someone else in this underground room with me.
I shine my flashlight across the room, and don't see anything, but keep hearing the wet footprints. All of a sudden, I shine the light on this human shaped object that is just black. There's no difference in shading or anything, it's just like a shadow against the peach colored concrete wall. I stammer out a "Hello?" and all of a sudden, I can see this person's two eyes flash up, reflecting back my flashlight, but that's it. I don't know if the person was in a ghillie suit or what, but it's impossible to make out anything distinguishing. I don't know what kind of weirdo sets out in a full black getup to rummage around underground.
So, at this point, I flip out. I spin 180 degrees on my heals, and BOLT. I'm flying up the inclined tunnel, slipping and sliding all over the place on the damp concrete. I fell a handful of times, sprained my wrist badly, and got a number of cuts on my one knee. That run through the underground tunnels felt like an eternity. If you've ever seen the "subaway scene" from the movie "28 weeks later", that's the closest thing I can approximate it to. It was the closest thing I've ever experienced to a living nightmare, I've never been so terrified in all my life.
Looking back, I'm sure whomever I met down there in the dark was probably as terrified as I was (unless they were crazy as hell). I have no reason to believe they followed me, and they probably ran back the way they came, same as I did. I noticed that they didn't have a flashlight on, so what I think probably happened is that they noticed my light, and pulled a hoody up over their head, turned their light off, and tried to hide as best they could.
Sorry if this got a little long and rambly, just wanted to share my part here. If there's a takeaway from this, it can be summed up in a single fantastic sentence:
"Don't enter strange underground tunnels, through hidden doors, beneath long abandoned and forgotten insane asylums, with a single tiny flashlight when you're by your lonesome."

I was in an old hotel built into a city block in the style of the 1920s with like storefronts, hotel, bar, rest, pools on multilevels etc etc. it was a swanky place at one point.
I used to sneak in and explore the rooms and floors (like 15 I think)..
So anyways I am on a date and we'd had a few drinks and I thought it would be cool to show her the hotel (it was next to a popular bar street in a college town and many people knew of it since it dominated the skyline).
We're up on the highest floor where I'd never been before--- I usually went to the 11th floor pool area because it was like being on an exclusive VIP area over the college Bar street but no one knew you were up was my favorite spot for a discreet smoke after drinking or getting some jimmy johns and chilling.
So anyways we're up on the top floor hoping to get onto the smallish top roof (imagine it's kind of a terraced mini skyscraper) and we hear this really really unsettling noise coming from a room up's dark and late and we're waaaaaay back into this fallen down hotel.
The sound is like a thousand hushed whispers...but it wasn't just a sound it was a feeling. There was a beating sensation to the whole thing that was so decentralized it was unnerving to the extreme. Every animal instinct told me there was a huge Doom-style boss monster or maybe a full-scale Rave was crammed down into 1 hotel room where all the rolling ravers are frantically telling eachother "shhhhhhh!" "ShhhhhH!"
The girl is freaked out but she's braver than me she wants to go peek into the door. I wanted to bolt back to the fire escape and get the hell out but I wasn't going to show her I was scared so I followed her as she inched forward down the dark hallway.
When we reached the doorway there was a half-working emergency light that cast just enough light into the hotel room.... What I saw was a roiling mass of movement that kind of instantly triggered my gag reflex and I jumped back as if someone had punched me in the stomach. The room was full...and I mean fucking full of pigeons. A broken window let them in and they made their perch there for the night...there must've been hundreds.
The girl screamed about the same time that I jumped and the pigeons took flight--- about half of them out the window and the other half into the tiny hallway of the top floor with us.
Wings and feathers and stinking birds hitting me in the head and shoulders like wet nerf footballs as we scrambled for the emergency exit and down the fire escape.

I was working on a project for a photography project, and there's a massive forest up a mountain near where I live. Said forest contains an abandoned hospital that was shut down after an unexplained death. No, I am not joking.
So, it's a shitty day, weatherwise. I'm innawoods with a camera and a packed lunch, ready to go a-wandering.
After a few hours, I found a small camp, with some abandoned tools, including a massive bolt cutter. Someone had tried to destroy them in a fire, but that was a no-go. Maybe 2-300 meters away, I found a burned out car. Not an uncommon sight in the area, kids buy super-shitty, clapped out bangers and trash them up there. Not far away, about running distance, I found a pair of women's jeans. And a little bit further away from that, maybe 5 meters or so, there was a pair of panties, hanging off a low branch. They'd clearly been there for a while, I'm not sure how long underwear would last exposed to Irish weather, and these were right out in the open, but a few weeks maybe?
Pretty creepy, finding all that, all alone in the woods. I flipped through local news for anything on any break-ins or assaults or anything suspicious, and couldn't find anything that had happened recently.

Sorry it's long, i'm not a good writer and want to try convey the atmosphere of the place best I can.
Me and a few friends decided to explore this abandoned child's hospital we'd heard about which was in a small village about an hour from us.
We get there and it's this huge plot of land, trees surrounding the whole place and the building in the centre; real creepy looking.
We had to climb up a wall to get inside, as we couldn't get in on the ground floor and had to go through a window that was ajar. After climbing through, the place is a mess, rubble everywhere but it looked completely desolate as if no one else had been inside in years.
Anyway, we basically went straight up to the roof, sat and had a few beers then went home. I decided to go back a few days later with my girlfriend to have a proper look around because I wanted to explore it.
We went in the building and immediately there was a different vibe unlike the other night. We jumped over the broken staircase to get to the ground floor (this was next to a large heavy duty wooden door with multiple bolts and chains over it) and found a trapdoor with a ladder underneath which led to the basement. I convinced my girlfriend to come with me but she wouldn't explore he basement when we were there, just stayed at the bottom of the ladder with her torch while I had a quick look around.
That's went it got really scary. I walked past some machines into the small room which was completely empty with the exception of a kicked over chair and a noose hanging from a pipe directly above the chair. I shit myself (not literally) and turned round to leave, when on the wall there was red graffiti ( not prepared to believe it was blood because there was a lot) saying "DONT COME BACK".
Needless to say I haven't been back. My girlfriend told me after she felt like I was gone for about an hour, when I was only 5/10 minutes and she kept hearing whispers from the dark corridors and the trapdoor fell shut above her at one point, for no apparent reason.

A while ago my friend told me about this time he walked into this building to take pictures for his college project that was supposedly haunted. As he was taking a picture he heard footsteps in front of him walking toward him, only there wasn't anyone there. The footsteps went around him and then stopped and he just shat his pants and left.
I kind of half believed him because he's a pretty honest guy i.e. he'll say really embarassing things about himself without really caring.. anyway. i decided to go with this other friend of mine to explore it and the entrance which was open had a plank propped up against it from the inside which was probably put there by someone. We tried to find an alternate entrance and eventually we had to break this barrier that they put up to get in. my friend was pretty creeped out but i love this kind of shit so i convinced him that we move on. we moved to the staircase and i heard someone's voice go 'uh' coming from upstairs. before i turned to ask my friend if he heard anything, my friend completely freaked out and started saying that he heard someone upstairs and insisted that we leave. me being the asshole i am insisted we go upstairs and see. obviously there wasn't anyone there, but what we saw was definitely a bit weird. there was a bedsheet hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room, and in the corner there were pigeon wings.. thats right just pigeon wings, not feathers.. WINGS and a couple of syringes. we were like 'wtf'. and then left.. it was definitely a bit creepy!