Friday, December 2, 2016

Ted Bundy

Everyone remembers the story about the two young hikers who went on a midnight hike up Provo Canyon and accidentally stumbled onto something soft in the dark. They had a bad feeling going anyway, so they turned around and left. Years later Ted Bundy revealed that he had just killed a girl on the trail. He heard people coming and hid in the trees just in time, only to watch some guy walk right into the body, and for some reason, turn around and walk away.

My true story isn't quite like that one, but it relates. A Seattle-based friend of mine has worked in Washington forests since the late '60s. He was working a lot around Taylor Mountain during the period that a serial killer was suspected in the area. For several days he and a colleague worked in one area that, though it was in the great outdoors, reeked overwhelmingly of body decomposition. "A heavy sweet but repulsive odor you can never forget." My friend had been on two tours of Vietnam and knew very well what a dead body smelled like.

He would have gone to the police to report his suspicion -- except he knew that if he made a report, he would have become a suspect himself in the serial killings that were occurring in the area. He is a tad paranoid of the law and wanted nothing to do with cops, so he never turned in a tip about a possible dead body in that part of Taylor Mountain. The guys he worked with declined to tip off the cops as well.

In 1975, the remains of four Bundy victims were found near Taylor Mountain in Washington -- right in the area where my friend had been working on trees.

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