Friday, November 11, 2016

My boyfriend had to move out off our apartment because he started a new job four hours away, so I stayed there alone for my last semester at school. I didn't think it was going to be a big deal at all until my sketchy alcoholic neighbor on the first floor caught wind of me being alone.

He then started following me in and out of the building, constantly knocking on my door to talk, asking me out, etc. I would sit out on these shared porches to relax and he would corner me out there, so I didn't sit on my porch anymore.

He eventually started following me to class or to bars when I walked downtown. And would start pounding on my door at midnight screaming at me about going out with friends. He would constantly lurk in the hallway that faced my bedroom and "sing" to me.

One night he came up and yelled at me in front of a friend of mine, and went to grab me by my throat and my friend called the police. They didn't do anything because my neighbor was the "town drunk/jester/would never hurt anyone/etc" bullshit. My landlord wasn't even available to talk until a month after it got bad.

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