Tuesday, November 29, 2016

He Feels No Pain

This happened in 2002. My older bro took me to Best Buy to buy me an xbox game for my bday. It was kind of late at night, but after he bought me the game he wanted to get a drink and some snacks from the convenience store nearby. He went inside while I remained in his car just reading the back cover of my game. Out of the corner of my eye I see a hunched cloaked figure near the dumpster that I hadn't initially noticed before. He kept looking like he was going to get up, but would slowly sit back down. Almost like how an elderly gentleman would if he had hip problems or something.

This went on for like a minute or so. Before long I see my brother paying for our snacks and drinks so I decide to unlock the car door for him even though he was still inside. Within 3 seconds of unlocking the door, the cloaked man pops up my passenger's window. I see his face, which is all jacked up from multiple scars and being pale and ugly as shit with creepy hollow-set eyes, he rips open the door and unbuckles my seatbelt and pulls me out.

I land on the pavement and start screaming. My brother rushes out, tackles the creepy crack head child rapist and starts beating him in the face and ribs. I was shaken to the core and started crying. The store owner/clerk was nowhere to be seen.

My brother kept fighting but the man was strong and was able to parry my brother off. He pushed my brother off him hard and my bro flew back into the side of his car, just to the right of where I was sitting. The man looks at us and smiles. His smile was so freaking scary and sickening. My brother told me to get back in so I went into the passenger's seat and closed the door, watching my bro sprint around the car. The man sprinted after him and caught him by his hoodie when he reached the driver's side. I got out and ran to the other side to his the man. My punches were ineffective. He had a solid body and didn't feel pain it seemed.

My brother knocked him out with a barrage of really violent kicks and we got back into the car and drove away so freaking fast. Before leaving the lot I noticed that the cashier was still missing in the store. That convenience store literally closed at the end of the next week. We didn't go to the police and we moved a couple of months later

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