Friday, November 11, 2016

Ghosts in the Photography Studio

I work in a photography studio and am often called to come check the building when the alarm goes off.

One night at about 2am, I get a call from my boss telling me that the lights are on at the studio. I was sure I turned them all off, since its a ritual of mine to go to every room and check the printers, enlargers, strobes, computers, everything. Not to mention before I leave and turn the alarm on I turn off the lights and look for any sign of a light i might have missed. So I show up to the studio and every light is on. I mean, If it had a light on it or was electrical and was plugged in, It was on. It wasn't like I forgot to turn off the counter light or one room, all of them were on.

I walk into the dark room to turn off the enlargers and as I turn off the last one, another one turns on. I walked over to the enlarger to turn it off and the switch, which aren't exactly easy to move (think breaker box difficult) was on the focus position. I turn it off and when I walk into the main room the officer was standing there with a puzzled look on his face. (He's a friend of my boss's and was asked to go with me since the studio isn't in a nice part of town.) I asked him what the issue was and he said he thought I was in the studios with the umbrella lights. I told him I haven't even been there yet and he said he swore someone walked by the doorway into that room. We were both freaked out and he went with me into each of the rooms as I turned off all the lights and equipment and then we lef

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