Monday, November 28, 2016

Active Shooter

My husband graduated basic training last year and there's this huge ceremony that lasts several days for the families. It mostly went really well!! But we happened to be there at a bad time.

I remember almost every detail because of how fucked up it was, there were about 1,000 of us, all civilians, out in the middle of a huge field that was easily half a mile from any kind of building. We were all crammed into bleachers and all the graduating airmen were filing in ahead of us and getting into formation and there's this SUPER loud music getting pumped in to the whole stadium, very patriotic.

While the music is playing we start noticing that secfo is running off the field, as well as other uniformed/active duty members. I got a pit in my stomach right there but figured I was just being silly. The moment that really made me Want to throw up, the music stopped suddenly and we realized that for God knows how long, in the background, there was a loudspeaker announcing that there was active shooting on base and we needed to go hide.

Which of course we couldn't because almost every military member besides a few helpful off duty guys had LEFT us there, half a mile away from the only building we knew of but we couldn't even get into it.

We were stuck there hearing this repetitive announcement and we even watched every graduate leave. They dropped everything, including the American flag, and SPRINTED off the lawn and we were just left there, confused. I thought we were going to die out there to be Honest. Everyone was freaked out. I had my baby with me and just wanted to run for my life or hide or ANYTHING but be there, in the open, stuck.

In the end we were never in danger. There was a murder suicide on base so the shooter was dead, but we didn't know that. Almost no one did for awhile, to the extent that when the graduates were all filed away and hidden, an officer had them swear in there in case something happened and then they essentially did a fake swear in for us when they came out a few hours later. I didn't know that until way later, a maintaince worker in the building saw it and filmed a little and I got to see it when I struck up a conversation at a Dunkin Donuts lol

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