Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Girl in the Red Kebaya

[Alone at Night Note: Thanks Izzat for the submission.]

Have you ever heard of the girl in red kebaya? Have you ever encounter one? This is the story of my life.

I am an average polytechnic student,from another state of the country. I wanted to go home because I felt homesick but financial was the only obstacle of my life.

Just last week, I was left alone by my roomates during mid semester break at our room surrounded by banana trees everywhere, at our polytechnic. While they went home to their parents warm love and protection, I was left at another state of the country far from my family and love ones. No internet, no entertainment and low stock of instant noodles. To make things bad, the cafeteria was closed for the week, no money in my account and assignments were piling up. The only thing to do was sleep.

My routine for the holidays was sleep, shower and more sleep. Everytime I woke up, the ceiling fan was staring at me like we were going to have a showdown. My bed and blankets were my only allies in my room.

One night when I was about to take shower, there it was. The girl in the red kebaya in the mirror's reflection. At first I thought my mind was playing games or maybe I was starting to hallucinate, but the figure was clearly seen in the bathroom mirror. As I finished bathe, I can still see the figure at the corner of my eyes. Then I realised, who would go into a boys dormitory? The figure was clearly a girl's and it managed to enter our dorm. That's when I started feel uneasy and every inch of hair on my body went standing like crazy.

Who was the girl? Why have it wandered around in boy's dormitory? Where will she appear next? These questions have been on my mind until I fell asleep. The lights was left on until the sun comes out the next day.

Luck was on my side the next day as one of my closest friends came back early. So I told him the story, he felt goosebumps all-over his body.

Who or what it was, I hope I never have to see or experience any of it in my life again.

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Dominick I said...

this was a really interesting post. I liked how you asked the reader if they've seen the girl, great work.