Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Podcasts

We at Alone at Night love Podcasts. We listen to around 20 different podcasts weekly and always look forward to Halloween season, because many of our favorite shows put out special episodes. Below is a list of some of our favorite podcasts that have great spooky episodes. Take a listen and thank us later.

Snap Judgement and their Campfire Tales episodes (currently on the third installment). Snap Judgement is a live story telling show, very similar to it's more famous cousin The Moth.

The Horror is a collection of old-time radio episodes meant to give you a scare. They don't need to do special Halloween episodes, because for The Horror, everyday is Halloween.

Radio Lab is an institution among creative radio shows. It's the grandfather and role model for many of the podcasts currently raking in the listeners. The show has been around for ages and as such has several episodes dealing with the things that go bump in the night. Here are a couple of examples: Ghost Stories, Haunted

At its core, Astonishing Legends is just two guys talking about weird things. Many of their episodes could be appropriate for Halloween but just three episodes after they began they covered the Greyfirars Kirkyard for a terrific Halloween special episode. Check it out.

Here There Be Monster Podcast is another podcast where every episode could be considered a Halloween episode. HTBMP covers all things creepy from criptids and ghosts, to aliens and other strange encounters. The show specializes in listener contributions.

We're not the biggest fan of the Thinking Sideways podcasts. The show's host's personalities can be a bit unbearable at times, but they do cover a lot of spooky stuff. Episode topics range from true-life crimes, unsolved murders and disappearances, but they also cover the paranormal and supernatural on occasion.  Here's an episode about the Gates of Hell located, fittingly enough, in Kansas. We also heard that the gates of Heaven are located in a cornfield in Iowa.

Finally, we end with a show of which most radio listeners are familiar. Like Radio Lab, it is an institution. It's been around for ages, and is the gold standard for audio story telling. We're talking, of course, about This American Life. This American Life has been around for so long that even though they are in no way a spooky show there are several episodes that are appropriate for Halloween. We especially liked this one called "And the Call Was Coming from in the House".

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