Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rainbow People

Happenings in my area are blamed on the so-called Rainbow People (not the Rainbow Family, they're fine). According to local legend, they're a group of vagrant hippies who started a simple living cult in the 70's-80's, went up into the woods and just never left. More colorful tellings say that years of isolation and hippy philosophizing warped their minds. The police in small mountain towns like Nederland and Ward acknowledge the existence of small groups of people who may or may not be these folks, and warn that they should be considered dangerous. Apparently they wander around breaking into remote cabins for food/supplies and taking any drug they can manage to get their hands on.

A close friend has a pretty creepy story about an encounter with a Rainbow Person. He was living in his father's house, a cabin off the grid near Nederland (no running water, plumbing, heat, electricity), where he had a room on the ground floor with a bed directly underneath a large glass sliding door that directly faced thick woods. One night, he was woken up by the sound of something tapping at the glass. He checked his watch and it was around midnight. Half asleep, he blamed it on the wind and - without looking - rolled over to go back to sleep. Later, he is woken up again - watch says it's about an hour later - to the same tapping. He realizes something -- there is no wind tonight, the trees are still. Suddenly awake, he grabs the handgun by his bed (mountain kids, amirite?), sits up, and turns to look. There, not 5 feet from him on the other side of the glass, is a frail, hairy, dirty, ghastly man with tattered clothing and bloodshot eyes, staring right at him. At the sight of the gun this guy scampers back into the woods, but apparently he had been standing there, tapping and staring, for an hour or more.

We used to go out into the woods and party during our high school years, since nobody would bother us and it was easier than staying in town. More than once, we'd be discussing the night the morning after and realize that in a group of 30-50 kids, there were 2 or 3 people who nobody knew. They showed up out of nowhere, talked with people, got high, and then seemed to vanish. Not hard to get away with when everyone is drunk and stoned out of their minds, but unsettling. Once, one of them gave my friend a necklace made of a piece of (allegedly) wolf jaw, and told her to wear it in the woods so the spirits didn't "hunt" her. She didn't realize nobody knew the person until days later.

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