Friday, September 2, 2016

My Uncle owns land in Zion Pandarosa Ranch in Utah, so 4 of us went to go camp there for my birthday weekend. Zion Pandarosa ranch is kind of like a camping community in the woods. There's a bunch of families there and they all know each other and it's a pretty friendly little place, everyone knows who owns what part of the land and stuff. While we were camping, this average looking hillbilly looking dude came to introduce himself to us. Told us his name was Brian and that he was staying up the road in a cabin. Nothing to weird so we welcome him and give him a couple beers and feed the dude some tacos.

A friend of ours, let's call him Tim, who owns land next to us came over to hang out. Tim knows everyone around, but has never seen this person before. This time "Brian" introduces himself to Tim as "Justin", maybe a middle name ? Mystery dude excuses himself to "feed his neighbors cat" and leaves on his ATV like a bat out of hell and comes back in 5 minutes completely drenched wet. We didn't ask any questions. In the 5 minutes that this dude was gone another neighboring family came over and asked , since we were hanging out with the guy, if we could tell him to be more careful since the family had children running around. Completely understandable.

The dude comes back and we tell him about the families concerns and that his driving could be a danger to the children. "Fuck the kids! Who the fuck are they to tell me what to do?!" Replies weirdo. That was more than we were comfortable with so we politely asked him to leave because he was drinking a lot and had a gun and we didn't know this dude. we were all already uncomfortable. He apologizes and leaves back to his cabin or whatever. Less than a minute later we hear gunshots coming from his direction. We all kinda freak out a bit. And guess who comes back to greet us?... Morgan freeman. Not really. That same freaky dude trying to apologize and we asked him about the gunshots and he replied with "so you Heard gunshots? So what?" And so girlfriend was getting really frightened by this guy and so we decided to use my uncles atv for a ride, while leaving my uncle to talk to this dude. I blocked out their convo but I definitely heard him say that he "needed to take a Hitler stance on the subject, so they wouldn't walk all over them and destroy the country."

When we got back the dude was gone and we went to sleep for the night. At 4Am I was woken up to the sound of an ATV coming very close to our camp and stopping there for a while before going back to the same direction he came from. I'm like 90% sure it was from the direction of the crazy dudes cabin. In the morning we went to the administrators office to warn about weirdo guy and no one seemed to know about this guy at all. Never saw him again for the next few days we were there.

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