Friday, September 16, 2016

Jersey Devil

When I was a kid, about 12 or so, my dad would always wake me up in the middle of the night to go hunting. I fucking hate hunting.

A few weeks prior to this night I saw an episode of "are you afraid of the dark" about the jersey devil. I was on edge because I knew my dad would make me go hunting soon and we sometimes hunt in Jersey.

Sure as shit, he wakes me up one morning at like 3am and we are off to the woods in Jersey in pitch black so that he could be there and all set up before the deer come out.
I'm up in the stand, starting to calm down, when I see a little figure on the ground. It's human, with a face I can barely make out since it's a bit far in the distance, but I know it's human, and it's like 2-3 feet tall.

I'm losing my shit but don't want to say anything because I know my dad will just tell me to suck it up.

I stare at this fucker for at least 4 hours until we get down from the stand and walk towards it to leave.

It's a fucking lawn gnome. Miles and miles into the deep woods. There's no roads for a looooong while and certainly no houses. How the fuck did a gnome get there? The stand we were in wasn't even a permanent stand. It was one we out up when we got there.


Dominick I said...

this was a nice post, i like how you gave a lot of description about what happened and how long you looked at the gnome. this was a great post.

Aloneinthenight said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment Dominick. We liked this story too. The little twist at the ending was fun. Sometimes the scariest things in our minds turn out to be nothing in the end. Other times though, the scariest things in our minds turn out to be far worse in reality.

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