Thursday, September 8, 2016


Camping in a national park up north a few weeks ago. I was sleeping in a tiny cabin, two friends outside in their tent, friend's dog sleeping on the ground outside the tent. Around 2 or 3 am my friend started hearing a yipping sound. A coyote was trying to get her dog to come to it so the whole pack could jump in and eat the dog. Fortunately the dog was dumb/smart enough to stay where he was, and the friend put him in the cabin with me. Coyotes didn't like this at all, and started howling and howling all around us for several minutes. It creeped me the fuck out, but at least the dog is okay.

This happened in the Yukon, where you have to be constantly aware of wildlife trying to eat you. Also he's an 80 lb dog, but still a puppy so not sure how well he would have done.

*This is from a different person but also about Coyotes, so we decided to include it here*

Here in Canada, coyotes are famously bold (something they've only been doing in recent years for some inexplicable reason). Packs will stalk hunters through the woods, even if they're shot at. A young woman was killed by two coyotes in Nova Scotia a few years ago (the first ever known coyote attack and fatality ever, AFAIK).
Shit's going weird with the coyotes here. They've also started wandering into towns; about ten years ago here, a coyote greeted two school-age children as they got off the bus in the middle of downtown. They pet the fucking thing and went home to tell their parents about it. Someone had taken pictures, it was later confirmed as a coyote and rounded up by the city after other people reported seeing it. It tried to attack someone's yorkshire or something.
I live near a large park, and coyotes often go in there at night (nowhere to be seen during the day, not surprising since it's a dog park and full of dogs all day). My dog chased one off once from our front lawn (we live in a fairly dense suburb). Every once in a while you can hear them killing someone's cat.

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