Thursday, December 10, 2015

the infamous masturbator

I work at a hotel. All the night audit staff have taken at least one call from the infamous masturbator - a guy who phones in during the dead of the night and tries to make an overly complicated reservation just to beat off to the sound of a woman's voice. It's absolutely bizarro.

Apparently he hangs up right away when the male night auditor answers, but if one of the girls is on that night he'll go through his process and ask a whole lot of convoluted questions that no one asks at 1am for a simple room reservation. I've only gotten a call from him once luckily, but he started asking really strange, invasive questions, ie. wanted to know how old I was, if I was with anyone, etc, just creepy things. It kinda clicked with me after a few minutes like "oh shit, it's the masturbater" so I politely asked him to hold on while I tranferred him into an empty line. Another girl I work with stayed on the phone with him much longer than I did and said she hung up after you could hear him obviously beating his meat and breathing really exaggeratedly into the phone. Ever since she's been able to recognize his calls pretty quickly.

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