Friday, December 11, 2015

I Killed a Man

I worked as a bouncer in California for five years while I went to college. There were lots of fights and squabbles. But they usually ended with no one getting hurt. With a few exceptions.
One in particular was a fellow who ran in, jumped over the bar and started throwing the bottles everywhere. Then he lit a match and threw it on the ground. Fire didn't spread or do anything because it missed the alcohol. But I was grabbing him and hauling him back over the bar to restrain him while they called the cops.

He slashed me across my neck, clavicle, and chest with a switchblade and when I grabbed his arms to protect my face he still cut my face six more times. 96 stitches.

I was on my own. Just some kids in the bar and a female bartender so I just pushed his knife back into his throat while he kept trying to slash at my face, snapping his wrist in half in the process. I wasn't even trying to kill or do any of that. I was just scared shitless I was going to die defending a bar. Even worse was while I was trying to stop his bleeding he was still swinging at me. He was definitely on some uppers.

My guilt is that even though I was bigger and more experienced, I wasn't able to just solve the problem without any serious injuries. So I killed somebody.

With 9 witnesses, cameras, and one phone video, there was nothing criminal.

But I can't touch someones arms or hands without feeling like I'll snap their wrist in half backwards. It was sickening. Of course I quit the next day.

He was the ex boyfriend of another bartender who wasn't even there that day. I think he might have killed the bartender that was there though so I'm glad I was there.

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