Thursday, November 5, 2015

Walking on Water

My dad said he used to go work on a boat, fishing for whatever he could catch. And by boat I mean, a 20 food boat would take a crew of around 8 people off to the middle of nowhere, in a lake, and drop them off on a very small, one person boat ( kind of like a canoe size), and the small boat would be anchored in place. But he would get dropped off around 9 at night, and they would pick them up around 3 in the morning.

He said he did this for a month and actually enjoyed the loneliness out there. He would say that it would be pitch black some nights, and some nights, the sky was beautifully lit with stars.

One night, it was pitch dark and kind of foggy. As he was just fishing as usual, when he could hear a strange noise behind him. It sounded like something trying to sneak up on him, on the water. He turns around, and the fog gets thicker, and can barely see a hint of light. He tries to see what it is, and he said it looked like a humanoid figure walking on water, towards my dad. By this time he is freaking out. He only has with him some food and water, a fishing rod with extra bait, and a mtitool. He said he stared at the humanoid object, for the next few minutes, as it walked towards him. When he first saw it, it was about 100 yards away. After a few minutes, it was around 35 feet away, and he could tell it was a person walking towards him. He is freaking out, since he is in the middle of a lake, and there appears to be a person walking on water, towards my dad. He reals in the fishing pole and gets ready to use it as a weapon. The humanoid figure has a lamp with him and is holding it to the front, while walking towards my dad. As it gets near my dad, it Speaks. It says my dad's name. My dad stays frozen, as this figure is around 20 feet away from my dad.

My dad asks who the figure is, and the man asks if he wants to go home. My dad then realizes it sounded like his friend. And as the person walks up to my dad, he can clearly see it is one of the persons that works with him. The man tells my father that the big boat broke down and that they are walking back to shore. And that he can just jump off the boat, they are but 2 feet deep of water. My dad laughs and jumps off the boat, and in to the water. Leaves the boat there and decided to head back to the pick up zone.

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