Saturday, November 21, 2015

Never Know Who to Trust

I'm fairly certain that my old landlord was organizing robberies of the tenants.

Last year I was living at this place, and one day as I'm in the shower I hear the door knocking. I figured it was just the UPS guy or something leaving a package (they usually knock when they do). I got out of the shower and I heard someone walking around the living room. I knew for a fact that my roommate wasn't home so I went to check it out. It was a guy from Orkin (the exterminator company).

I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was there because my roommate had made an appointment. I asked to see paperwork but all he had was a crumpled up post it note with my roommate's name and my unit number on it. I asked how he was able to get in and he said that the management had given him a key (which they are allowed to do if they get consent from the tenant).

This was fishy for a variety of reasons: 1) I had never seen anything more than the occasional spider at that place, which is hardly reason enough to call an exterminator, no matter how much of an arachnophobe you are. 2) If my roommate made an appointment, he would have told me that someone was coming by. Additionally, if he was expecting someone, he would do it on a day where he would actually be able to be there himself, so to make an appointment on a day where he wouldn't be present is extremely unusual for him. 3) I told him about what happened later that day and he said that he never called for an exterminator, and even if he did, he would tell me (reinforcing reason #2). 3) We confronted the management for giving out our key without our consent, and they were adamant about having gotten the permission. She claimed that a request for an exterminator was made over the phone by my roommate, but my roommate denied ever having done that.

Anyway, it sounds like it could have been a simple misunderstanding, but later on I would run into people around the complex, we would get into small chit chats, and more than a few times some of the other residents would mention that an exterminator that they never requested showed up at their apartments, or say that they came home to stuff having been stolen. Because of this, I firmly believe that someone in the management is/was organizing these break ins, but I can't prove it (I tried filing a police report but they did nothing). Thankfully, I had to move out for unrelated reasons.

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