Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Well Dressed Ghost or Crazy Goes for a Hike -- You Decide

This happened about two years ago on October 27th, I do a lot of hiking and I wanted to share with you all what is without a doubt one of the strangest things that I have experienced while hiking.

while on the way back from the summit of mt San Jacinto in California ( a fairly popular trail ). Just as day was changing over to dusk about 4 miles and 2000 vertical feet (a good 2-3 hour hike) from the tram we spotted a woman dressed in all black flapper attire with the exception of a white scarf. this woman was in dress shoes and carrying a very nice beaded purse. she was walking very intently and at a hurried pace up the mountain. If your familiar with the hike its at the top of the Wellman divide.

Nearly without words i asked her if she was lost, to which she replied "I'm on the trail arent I" her face looked grey and her lips were sort of blue(it was pretty cold outside ). so as quickly as she had passed us she was gone. My friend and myself looked at each other like "now we have seen everything." after conversations with other hikers on the way down that had also seen her i was kiddingly remarking that i was sure we had seen some sort of ghost looking for a lost love much like the mysterious lady in black story folklore. it was a truly bizarre experience.

about an hour later we were resting at round valley and we saw her again. Thankfully my buddy had the wherewithal to grab his phone and snap a few photos.

keep in mind this is literally in the middle of the forest at 9000 ft elevation. a good 2 hours hike from anything and the temps were around 35 degrees..the fact that is so close to Halloween was not lost on me either. At any rate I make no claims of the supernatural ( but I’m not ruling it out) but i thought everyone might enjoy the story and the pictures of this truly strange encounter. we shot a short video ( you can hear my friends wife get annoyed at our amusement ) i hope you all enjoy.

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