Monday, October 26, 2015

There's Evil in the World and You've Got to Watch Our for It.

Prior to me moving in with her, my little sister had her then-husband leave her with a 3 week old baby girl just as she was going through post-partum depression. Bad, right? Well, things got worse once a stalker got involved.

Started with Facebook messages from some unknown accounts detailing what she was doing day to day, even online, to then threats of raping her and my niece. Then phone calls of heavy breathing. Facebook messages and emails threatening to kill them both. Went to the police and they told her to avoid the internet and phones, even at work, despite one instance of a FB message with pictures of a babysitter watching my niece.

My sister can't find a babysitter now and has to take off work. It got so bad that she was desperate enough to call upon our shitbag of a father to get involved. Now he's a guy who's been to prison twice on attempted murder charges and has a record beyond that a mile long. Probably bipolar; certainly nuts. The best father a brother and sister could grow up with. His one redeeming trait was that he would probably kill to protect what he loved, so my sister invited him to live with her. His 4th wife had just kicked him out and he was on the street, so he accepts the offer and the stalking stops immediately.

He watches our niece, he does chores, he keeps sober during the day, and he's apparently as watchful as an old bloodhound. Apparently a changed man. My sister gets no messages or phone calls, sleeping well for the first time since before she was pregnant. The mean ol' coot does his job admirably... for about a week and a half.

He gets it in his head that it's the husband doing it, so one night, shitfaced on the porch outside the apartment, he gets in an argument with one of my sister's neighbors and becomes absolutely convinced of his idea, despite the fact that the husband was in Oregon most of the time now at a new job, being there at the time the photo of the babysitter was taken. But, he'd heard from my sister that he was in town for the weekend and at 2 AM that night, the stalker text messages my sister telling her that our lovable dad had just taken a katana to her husband's kneecaps outside his friend's apartment. He followed this up with a picture message of our dad being loafed away by the cops at the scene. He's currently serving another prison sentence for that.

Two days later, she's up visiting me in Indiana, staying about a week. Back home in Tennessee, the stalker smashes a window to her apartment and dumps trash inside, stabbing a message into her fridge with a corn jigger. It's a photoshopped picture of me and her in Indiana featuring a grotesque thing with a dog on her side of the picture. She comes home after phone calls from the neighbors, and is advised by the police investigating the burglary, of all things, to move away, despite the way this stalker's following her around. They apparently can't do much with the case because there's no fingerprints, no trail this guy's leaving behind him, even online.

A week later he bursts into the apartment again and knocks my sister unconscious. He topples my niece's crib with her in it, proceeding to douse her in orange juice. The neighbor next door hears the wails of my niece and walks in on a tall white guy in a ski mask prepping to do something with my sister. She attacks him and in the ensuing fight sustains multiple wounds from a hammer, including a caved-in eye socket, but she manages to fight him off. Other neighbors call the cops during this fight. And yet, the f****r gets away.

The case hits the local news for the next couple of days and the cops get DNA of the suspect from the neighbor. For the next week, a black and white sits outside my sister's place. However, the trail goes cold because the guy's not in the system anywhere.

Up north, I now have the ammunition I need with my parole officer to move to Tennessee. They allow me to move there so long as I get employment, which I do with a Private Investigator's office thanks to (ironically enough) a bail bondsman who'd "worked" with my dad on numerous occasions. I move in with my sister and a year later we move out of the apartment into a house in a much nicer neighborhood. My sister takes karate. My niece is watched by armed family friends during weekdays. In the 3 years or so since I've been in Tennessee, there's been two phone calls and a picture message of her at her karate studio late at night, but nothing much besides that.

There's evil in the world and you gotta watch out for it.

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