Saturday, October 17, 2015

Strange Muttering, Getting Closer

I live in a small wood cabin on a farm in the countryside of Catalonia, Spain. Usually shared with one other person, I had a few weeks alone. Never lock the door, hot weather means bedroom window is open although wooden shutters are closed (with thin gaps to outside). Pitch black surroundings.

I had one of those nights where it's hard to sleep. Around 4am, I hear screaming in the distance. There are around 5 typically sized fields between cabin and the village. Alhough this is far, I assume it's someone in the village messing around.

Goes quiet. Starts again, this time it's clear that the person is screaming something. Although not a native to the area I know this isn't language, it's jibberish. He is screaming words that completely don't make sense, and that I've found it impossible to imitate since, and he's screaming them angrily. I'm on edge now but I tell myself it's a drunk person on their way home in the night. Half an hour later I've calmed down and it's been quiet for quite a while.

Then I hear the voice again. This time, there is no screaming. I can hear them speaking the jibberish at a normal level. This means that they are within the property. I freeze, too frightened to go lock my front door (the front door area has a lot of windows and I'm afraid to see them/them to see me), and instead stare at my bedroom door, with a plan to barricade should I hear someone entering the cabin. The muttering fades away just as the sun begins to rise. I lock my door now.

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