Thursday, October 22, 2015

Special Ops

Lived in Germany for many years while my father was stationed there ( U. S. Army). We lived off base in private housing and I LOVED it!! That country is amazing, the vast forests, the mountains, the countryside, the farmlands, the little towns..everything.

I quickly became really good friends with some local boys whose parents owned the towns dairy farm. We were Always in the forests running around and exploring. Fishing, playing army, etc.. I was around 8 or 9 yrs old around that time (37 now)..

One night, stayed late at the farm hanging with the guys. Left about 9 or 10ish, it was dark, but then moonlight gave pretty good vision that night I remember.. I lived just across the soccer field and a small corn field from the farm. As I'm walking through the soccer field I see a bit of movement, just real quick, from the corner of my eye along the tree line at the edge of the field. I quickly step up my pace. As I turn to take my usual path through the corn field to my house, I see at least half a dozen silhouette figures emerge from each side of the rows of corn on the sides of the path. I froze so hard! They just stand there.. Then there's one behind me. Before I can snap around and haul ass, He asked, in German, where I was going..

I turn around now and what I see surprises, but relieves me also.. I answered in English and told him I was heading home.. He was then curious about my English.. Turns out it was a team of special forces operators (I mean, these guys were decked out in so much tactical gear I couldn't comprehend how they were able to move so stealthily. Night vision goggles, packs, bags, weapons, there was even a dog. They looked like total fucking bad asses) who were using these small towns off base to do some training.. I just happened upon them this particular night. I'll never understand why they chose to break cover and show themselves. They could have easily just stayed put and I would've walked right by them non then wiser.. They walked me home as it was on their way back they said.

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