Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Scary Carpark

I was in a KFC carpark at about 8pm, and I had gotten out of my car to fetch something from the boot before I could go through the drive through. My car was still running, the door was wide open and the car park only had one other car in it, which was just a bit ahead of where mine was parked.

I was closing the door to the boot and the other car honked their horn, however I could see no reason why, I wasn't in their way and they could have driven past with ease. I was tired and they were being rude, so I gave them the finger before I began walking back to my door. Then the man in the passenger side of the other car jumped out, left his door wide open and began running towards my car.

At this point I shat myself, because there was nobody else around and I'm a young female who at the time had no idea how to defend myself against a potential threat, so as soon as I was back in my car I locked the doors and began to drive towards the exit of the carpark. However, the man hadn't managed to get to my car on time, so the woman who was driving their car began accelerating towards the exit of the carpark to try and block me in whilst the man ran towards my car again at the exit.

I managed to get past their car by driving over the pavement, and the relentless creeps followed me for about 15 minutes before vanishing. I ended up driving around for a while in the opposite direction of where I was living at the time, and went to stay with a friend for a few hours before actually driving home.

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