Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lady in White

The summer before all my friends and I left for college was one of those perfect times in your life. You all probably know what I'm talking about, bonfires, parties, and all that stuff. On one particular late night myself and group of friends are bored until one friend suggests we visit a place called Beil Hill. Now its important to remember the friend who suggested it never mentioned any specific lore or stories, just that it was allegedly haunted. So we figure why not, I mean who doesn't love a good creepy place to visit every once in a while?

So five of us pile into my old Cavalier and we take Route 18 into the Pennsylvania countryside. So we get there and almost immediately all of our moods change from joking to dead serious. We see this dirt hill that looks like it belongs in another time. Despite our diminishing bravado not one of us would dare chicken out(mostly because we have a girl with us)

 The hill goes up on a high slant so I drive up to the hilltop and turn the car around so we can go down slowly and take in the surroundings. While I creep down the hill I start to slow down to stop. I see this fence but its not normal and my friend in the passenger seat thought the same. This thing is made up of a pile of gnarled and old looking timber. I remember thinking it looked like those stick things they find in the Blair Witch Project. While myself and my friend in the passenger seat look at this odd fence I hear "Huh?" from my back seat. Before I can react everyone in the back starts screaming. "GO NOW!" DRIVE!" So I don't even hesitate and haul ass off the hill and start speeding toward civilization.

As soon as I get back on Route 18, I start to realize that they must be fucking with me. So naturally ask what they saw and everyone starts talking at once. "There was a light at the top of the hill." "It was moving towards us." Okay that was weird, I was on the hill so I doubt they saw a porch-light, so yeah they have to be fucking with me. So I ask more questions hoping to catch them in a lie or a contradiction. Bad idea. They all get very angry at my skepticism and claim that there was something under my car. They said they saw something crawl out from under the car like a spider. They said it was "flowing" as it came into view but the girl in the back said it was a dress as she put her face in her hands. The other friend said it seemed like it was maneuvering back towards my car as I was driving off the hill like it was "coming back at us" the others corroborate this. Alright, they must be going for an Oscar and we go home.

A few weeks later I'm out and about and run into an old local history buff and for whatever the reason I mention the story in passing. His response still creeps me out. "Oh, the lady in white?" I slowly turn around and ask him to explain. He goes on about a story of a woman who was killed in a carriage accident on the hill in the late 1800s, she was killed by a fence. He says according to some folks, she roams the hill and the surrounding farms dressed in white with a lantern, trying to find her way home in the dark. This brings me to a few weeks ago. I've just graduated college and came back home while I look for work so naturally I reconnect with some of those old friends and the subject of Beil Hill comes up. Sure enough the details are the same. Like I said reddit, I'm a skeptical guy. But sometimes I catch myself wondering about the Lady and the Lantern on Beil Hill.
Some proof its a legend

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