Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flat Tire

My family's station wagon blew a flat in the middle of the night on I-95, as we exited the city of Miami. I was 5 years old and riding along with my mom, grandparent, sibling and dad, who was driving when the tire blew. It was the 80's. When the tire blew, everyone freaked out a bit. For some reason, my dad kept driving on the flat, even though we were traveling at a high speed. Eventually the tire wore down or fell off and we were riding on the rim, sparking down the freeway in the middle of the night. I remember the energy in the car turned to fear, but something was off. I was told when I was older, that my dad saw a man in the center median, throw a strip of nails attached to something into the middle of the highway, which my dad could not avoid. Turns out, people were using this method to rob and car jack highway drivers in the middle of the night. My dad somehow was aware of what was happening and responded accordingly by not stopping to change the tire for several miles. Luckily we had a full size spare. We changed the tire several miles down the road and made it home safely.


Anonymous said...

LOL your site is so scary , i was also looking for a flat fix near me last night and has this towing service helping me out . i was really scared. it was dark out there i was just remembering my Boyfriend and my mother and God to please get me out of this.

Aloneinthenight said...

Glad you got a little fright from our site. Sorry you had a flat tire. Those always stink. Hope you got to where you were going okay. We hope you can become a fan of the site and check out all the scary stories we've shared. Tell your friends.