Thursday, July 23, 2015

Evil in the Astral Plane

I'm not religious or spiritual; the only thing that comes close to that in my mind is Nature. But for a time I was meditating often. I got so good at it that I started to astral project, which is basically you can go to places in your mind and see it in real time but your body stays still. Sometimes I would pass through the astral plane or limbo and there you may meet non 3 dimensional beings some are nice and some are not. No one told me this and I learned the hard way.
           Anyway I'm meditating and I pass into the astral plane; smoky, ethereal and black and white, and I come upon a being that appeared to be kind and the light it projected seemed comforting, it asked if we could hug and I agreed. We connected in the hug and it stayed with me even after I 'awoke'. I was excited to have met an interesting being that was being peaceful. I noticed its presence when I was awake, at work, driving, etc and I felt it was not as it seemed it felt manipulative and dark, very dark. The next few nights I meditated before I went to bed but things did not feel right so I stopped it short and tried to fall asleep. One night I fell into a deep sleep very soon after I shut my eyes but was 'awoken' to images of murderers with blazing eyes, bloodied people with various modes of violence inflicted upon them and just gruesome horrific scenes constantly and without my control flashing in my minds eye. I knew it was the being I had contact with in the astral plane that presented itself as kind that was showing me these things. At this point I'm in total sleep paralysis lying on my back in the dark and that is when I could feel the being in the corner of my room. It was literally in my room with me staring at me, the energy coming off the being was so immense and demonic I cannot explain in words. It proceeded to show its face to me in my minds eye, it had yellowish large eyes with scaly greenish gray skin, no hair or defining human features, just intensely evil eyes that seemed if I looked long enough it would devour my soul and make me do things I did not choose to. With all my fear and strength I shot up in bed and opened my eyes and it backed away.
            The next few days I still had the same images before I went to bed but I willed it to stay away beyond that. I had to seek the help of an energy clearing specialist and she told me I had picked up a demonic hitchhiker of sorts and that if I was to keep visiting the astral plane and astral projecting that I should surround myself with bright white light and not to trust or touch another being. She cleared it and I could feel the weight of 10,000 bricks come off me. I imagine that serial killers who are weak minded and prone to impulsive behavior and self-indulgence get a visit from these kinds of beings and are not aware of it and are driven to a certain extent to do the willing of such things, obviously no excuse. Nevertheless I get goose bumps thinking about its presence and I do not meditate and I always protect myself with white light. Evil is real and it knows how to disguise itself well, funny how it's the same on earth too. Life is funny I guess.


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