Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Ex Tried to Murder Me

My ex wife, about a year and a half ago tried to murder me. We were married at the time and she was having an affair, had just taken out additional life insurance on me, and sabotaged my motorcycle before I had to take a long (100+ mile) trip on it for work.

Thankfully she failed at it and I discovered what she had done once I returned home. Had she turned those two bolts a simple quarter turn more I would have been highway paste instead of sitting here at work playing on the computer.

She all but admitted to it a few weeks later and I found out not too long ago that she also tried her damnedest at the time to convince our oldest son that the family would be better off if I were to die.

Did I press charges: She had already put a lot of effort into manipulating and emotionally abusing my for a bit and, in my absolute stupidity, I didn't file a police report because I knew that she would be the primary suspect and, at the time, I didn't want anything bad to happen to her.
In retrospect I was an idiot.

What she did: I drive a Harley and she broke both of the handlebar stem bolts free. These bolts (3/4") are held in place with compression washers and loctite. When I got home I noticed that my handlebars were extremely loose. I looked at the stem bolts and both of them had vibrated out to a point where it took a quarter turn, with my fingers, for them to drop out into the palm of my hand.
And sitting on the shelf right next to my handlebars, where I park my bike, was my 3/4" combination wrench. It also happened to be the only tool missing from my tool kit.

Why I deserved it: According to her, my fault was in believing the lies that she told me. I "should have known" that she wasn't being honest. And consider this; our oldest son is actually my step son. He is her biological son. And he, by choice, still lives with me. His relationship with his mother is completely strained and she's having the most difficult time figuring out why.

Why I married a crazy person: I didn't. At least, at the time, I didn't think I had. She was a wonderful mother and a phenomenal wife. We spent 13 years together, had a child of our own, and worked our asses off to build a life for our family. She meant the world to me and I did everything in my power to give her everything that she ever asked for, and to be the best husband and father that I could be. In the entire time that we were married I never once lied to her, I never cheated on her, I don't drink and I'm not a drug addict. I never once raised a hand to her, not even in mock play, and up until she started having her affair I believed that we were both very happy and an ideal couple. And the fact is all of our friends and associates believed the same thing.

What I plan to do for revenge: Nothing. She has to live with herself now. And she has to accept that anything bad that happens to her in her life is exactly what she wanted. She was willing to lie, cheat, steal, and abuse the people who loved her in order to get what she now has. Her strained relationship with both of her kids? That's what she wanted. Her "destined to be bad" new relationship? That's what she wanted. She was willing to turn her back on her own children for a relationship with a (at the time) married man who spent the past decade and a half cheating on his own wife. They are either married or engaged now, I don't know, or care, which and she dotes all over his son at the expense of our 11 year old son. So why would I need to do anything? She has set herself up on a path of lifelong heartache and misery. My attention is focused on ensuring that my boys are as happy and taken care of as they can be. And I'm slowly digging myself out from under the mountain of debt that she left in her wake (she also opened credit cards in my name and maxed them out while we were still married) and trying my best to just stay positive every day.

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