Saturday, March 7, 2015

Encounter with a Multiple Killer

I was 13 and so was my friend, staying at his sister's apartment in Chattanooga for the weekend.
We stayed up all night playing games and decided to walk to Waffle house at 3:30 am which we remembered as being only right down the street on our way in and we figured we could stay out of sight of cops, etc; and get there fine.

A woman in a Jeep pulled up and yelled asking us if we wanted a ride, and once we told her we were going to Waffle House, she said sure. It worked out and she then drove us home afterward and told us she might be out again the next night. Great!

Where it all went wrong: The next night we decided to walk to Waffle House again around 4am or so and were walking for what seemed like a couple miles trying to take side roads and whatnot to avoid police/people who might turn us in for curfew and down one of the shitty dimly lit roads a black coupe passes us and stomps on the brakes. It wasn't her car.. Fuck. Hopefully it was someone willing to pick us up again.

Nope. A  guy hops out and runs toward us and pulls a gun telling us to empty our pockets. We do what he says while trying not to shit our pants and his friends yelling at him from the car to "just come on" and "hurry up". We emptied them and gave him our $40-ish and he starts running back to the car, and as soon as he gets near it(probably between 20-30ft away) we run and jump down the embankment and run toward the woods by the side of the road and hear the car start reversing fast so we laid down about 15-20 ft in the woods by a pile of dirt and some cut down trees not far off the road and stayed as still as possible and hear him being yelled at by them to "hurry up". He gets out and goes to where we jumped down looking for us and pointing the gun in the woods saying "I can't see them!" "I can't get down there! You do it!" and after about a minute or so he runs back to the car and they speed off.

We ran further into the woods real fast and waited probably 20-30 minutes being as still and quit as possible watching each car that went by and debating how to get out and decided to keep trekking through the woods in the opposite direction of the road, using my friends lighter when we could to see and after a while we eventually see blue lights up ahead and run to them as fast as possible.

We get there and it's the gas station with cops trying to tell us to go away and we explained what just happened. We gave them the description and they told us that the same guy (in the same car) just robbed the Golden Gallon gas station in Cleveland at gunpoint and SHOT THE FUCKING CLERK(who was a kid, about 18 unfortunately died) and took $800 and that today must have been our lucky day since the same guys were spotted at this gas station as well(probably debating whether to rob it) and they were looking for them.

We went to the police department with them, told them our story and gave them descriptions and had our parents/his sister called who brought us home and did not get charged with curfew or anything else and were told how lucky we were that we ran and stayed still when we did.

TL;DR Guy murders an 18 year old kid while mugging him and robs me and a friend using the same gun an hour later. We were extremely lucky.
Relevant Article Here about the murder and sentencing.

Looks like the murderer, Travis Bess, didn't stop killing once put in prision. He killed his cellmate, too.

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