Thursday, February 5, 2015

Roomate's Friend

It was a normal friday night with me and my friends just drinking and smoking the night away. I lived in a dorm at the time with 3 roommates. The doorbell rings, my roommate tells me one of his friends is at the door and asks me to open it. I greet the guy and go about my business.

My little brother wanted to come over and I let him. Right away I noticed my roommates friend and my brother not getting along, I remove my brother and myself from the situation by going to my room and playing xbox. I let the door open because my roommates wanted to play with us (big mistake). While playing one of my roommates enters en sits down. Another 15 minutes pass and his friend comes in. I let him sit down because he didn't seem agressive. He and my brother keep going at it. I told my brother to shut up and let it be and told the guy to get out of my room. He declined my request to leave, I repeated myself and again no.

I stood up and told him to leave the fucking room. I stood next to him and told him to stand up because he was leaving. He stood up and walked to the door and frooze infront of it. He turned around at which point my brother stood up. The guy immediately took an attacking stance. I tried just guiding him to the door by pushing his shoulder towards the door. As my brother came closer he pulled out a knife and lashed at my brother. He only missed because as I saw the knife coming out I punched him to the floor. I told him to stop and he whilst still dazed pushed me to the wall where I hit my head and fell down. I saw him standing over me and trying to cut my face. He did. He also cut my leg because of me trying to kick him off me. My brother took a chair and pushed him off me with it. He ran to the kitchen to grab a bigger knife, while screaming he would kill my brother. As soon as he leaves I tell my brother to lock the door and call the police.

While still in complete shock of what happened to me I open my eyes and see a red/white glow out of my left eye, I thought he had blinded me. As I keep blinking my eyesight started returning and I quickly realized the red I saw was blood that had shot in my eye. He missed my eye and hit my eyebrow because he failed to take my glasses off in time. Police came with a swat team and 4 dogs to pick him up. I didn't get therapy because I've worked through it myself, but I still look over my shoulder when walking outside. Did I forget to mention he was 27 and my brother was 17 and I was 19? That he was twice my size and thrice my brothers. During the arguments he tried to get my brother to go outside and fight with him and I only now realized he probably was going to kill my brother.

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