Thursday, February 5, 2015

First time was years ago I was 7-8 years old I was playing in the park behind my house. Don't even remember what I was doing, just that I was winded and tired after. I sat on my fence trying to catch my breath and I woke up in the hospital 4 days later. I had no idea what had happened and after an explanation with the cops and my parents, I found out that the kid next door who was 14-15 years old at the time, had thrown a brick at me, hit me in the head, and it had fractured my skull. Then while I was laying on the ground, out like a light, he stomped on my face, neck and kicked me in my ribs a bunch a times and broke 6 of em. He was searching for the brick he had thrown earlier and was saying he was gonna bash my head in when my dad returned from work and saw what was going on. If my dad had not gotten home when he did, I'd probably be dead now. Although I had lived at the house my entire life, I had little to no interactions with the neighbor kid that did this to me and we had never argued or had bad blood. I never found out why he did this, but 10 years later he got sent away to prison for multiple murders.

The second time was when I was in the military. I had gone off base to a bar, had some drinks and ended up leaving with a girl that I had been flirting with on/off for the last few weeks. Because I was a senior NCO I had my own room, not the multiple bunks in a huge room, like many others, and we went there. She and I were partly undressed when I got a knock at my door. Being in the military and in the position I was, it was a normal thing to get knocks at weird hours. I expected it to be one of the privates or corporals so I answered in my underwear. Instead there was some guy there who I had never seen before, holding a carving knife. I was a bit freaked out and the dude tries to step into the room, and I moved back enough that he was in the doorway and not outside on the hall. he then starts waving the knife around and ranting and screaming for a good minute about how I was fucking his girlfriend and that he was gonna kill me. I told him that she said she didn't have a boyfriend, but he didn't seem to care, and tried to stab me in the stomach. I sidestepped to my right, his left and slammed the door at him. I am guessing the adrenaline that was pumping through me must have given me some sort of super strength, because that door hit him hard, enough that I heard the thump and heard him make the "oomph" sound people make when the wind is knocked out of them. I remember seeing some of my boys running down the hall at this time. He was half in the doorway now and half in the hall and I kicked the door at him again, and it hit him full on the chest/face area, and then I closed it just as 10-12 guys jumped him as he was trying to get up off the floor. I heard screaming and opened the door, one of my corporals was holding his hand, blood all over and I though he had gotten stabbed or cut but...ends up I actually closed the door on his hand and busted 3 of his fingers, bones sticking out etc. Ended up the dude was her ex from over a year earlier who had been stalking her. He got 2 years for attempted, I ended up getting laid, and then went broke, buying beers for my boys the night after.

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