Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Better Safe Than Sorry

 When you are a kid you are always taught to avoid strangers, and informed about dangerous situations and how to handle them. I always took these lessons to heart, I was a pretty paranoid child. I think every community has it's own lore about vans and bad people, which brings me to my story.

     When I was 7 my grandma lived a few houses down from me, so it was commonplace for me to walk down and visit her. It was kind of a ritual, walk down, eat candy she always had available and watch Rescue 911. It was nearly an everyday occurrence.

     One day I was walking down and I heard. A vehicle approaching, which, of course, wasn't unusual. However, it started to slow down and I saw the shadow if a van come over me, then it stopped. I freaked!! I immediately started running as fast as I could. Then I hear a familiar voice yell MaryAnn! I stopped and turned......it was my dad ( who wasn't living with us at the time) in his new van. We had a good laugh about it. He told me I did the right thing by running. Better safe than sorry lol.

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