Thursday, January 15, 2015

Okay this story happened to me a few months ago and I'll be first to admit I was completely stupid in doing this. So I joined a dating website and was talking to a couple people but not in the way of making plans just getting to know them with general questions, one guy I was messaging (yeah guy, I date guys and girls and it was a dating site just for guys to throw it out there).

 I decided to give my number to (first stupid thing I did) and we were just messaging. He talked about meeting up but didn't indicate any time frame, so I assumed he met meet up generally sometime. I said sure.

 He wanted my address (but I wasnt that stupid, I gave him address to a store across town). I wanted to get a shower and get ready for work. When I got out of my shower I had three missed calls from his number, and while my phone was in my hand he started calling again.

 I answered and he was freaking about me not answering, and said he's on his way to the address, I was confused and said I'm not meeting with you now we didn't make plans for today I meant for another time. He then went livid and started calling me a tease and telling me I would be sorry.

 I can get very sarcastic, so I told him to take a chill pill and unclench his cheeks, when he still was freaking out calling me *beep* and *beep*. I was like cool with me and blocked his number. Then I started getting texts and calls from another number, answered that and it was him again (I started recording the conversation) and he said I won't be as mouthy when we meet up.

 I laughed and said well we wont cause that's not my address. He freaked out some more and said he wants to meet up with me for just 2 minutes. and continued to beg for just two minutes (alarms went off what takes two minutes to do? kill someone). I said hell no and blocked the number. 

Then a third time he texted and called with a different number (mind you all of this is within the span of an hour). I was thinking what the hell is this guy contacting me with. I finally went to the police who told me to change my number and if he still continues to contact me keep it logged like I was doing. 

After I changed my number I didn't hear from him again. But about a week ago I read a report online of a gay guy who lived near me who was brutally beaten and killed going to meet up with a guy he met on the same dating website. I know gay bashing is real and exists and still freaks me out to think If I actually met up with this guy he could've been the same one who killed the guy in the news (who hasn't been found).

Sunday, January 4, 2015

When Dealing Drugs Goes Bad

Some years ago, I ran with a crowd of guys who would assist me with the distribution of small amounts of marijuana. Nothing major, just dime bags and the like. Enter guy 1 with his gf at the time - known for beating her down and being abusive. One night the gf refuses to go with him as he'd just finished her "eye makeup" for her. We all had enough, told guy 1 to get lost, not welcome 'round these parts and not to come back. Anyway, gf will not leave. Fuck it, hang at my shack for a week till you get shit straightened out. Guy 1 takes this as "loer_boykie stole mah woman," doesn't take kindly to it. Unbeknownst to any of us, guy 1 has friends, guys 2, 3, 4, etc. These guys are legitimate gangbangers, and guy 1 tells them where they can "score a shitload of weed and cash." They all show up, the girl flees, and a literal game of cat and mouse ensues. Shots actually fired, and I decided no possessions, money, or weed is worth this shit and I get the fuck outta dodge. Guy 1 is apparently psychic and knew which door I was gonna come thru, fucking trips me as I'm skedaddling. Put a fn beat-down on me that resulted in a concussion and lots of stitches, as well as a few broken ribs. Doctor said that whoever did it was trying to kill me. I never turned them in because weed and whatnot, and fortunately for me guy 1 considered the score settled. That was also my awakening to "get right."