Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thug Life Low-Rider and the Great Escape

One time my brother, sister, and I were driving to get food from Mcdonalds and my brother, who was driving, decided to take a shortcut by a busy park.

The park was always filled with guys playing basketball and it was known for being pretty dangerous at night with drug and gang activity. We were about to drive by the entrance of the park and all of a sudden this low-rider truck with flames on the side speeds out of the park even though they had a stop sign.

So my brother slams on the brakes because the truck almost hit us and the truck stops too and I see that there are two guys who look pretty scary in the truck. We didn’t have time to react other than to wonder what the hell the guys were doing, when I see them start yelling out the window at us like we had done something wrong. Then they start driving up to our car really fast so my brother starts driving away and they follow us.

We were all pretty freaked out but it was broad daylight and we figured we could get back to the main road and be okay. Then the guys sped up behind us and were only a foot away from our car and we realized they were trying to hit us! So we all start yelling and freaking out and my brother speeds up to 70 in a residential neighborhood and still they are right on our tail.

We were really scared and confused because we have no idea what provoked them unless they really thought we had cut them off. My brother decides to slow down because this is getting super dangerous and then the truck comes up beside us and they are cussing at us and trying to hit us from the side. Then they speed in front of us and block the road.

At this point I decided to call the police and as I’m calling, I see the guys getting out of their car and one of them is carrying a baton! The 911 operator answers and I start screaming that some guys are following us and trying to hit our car and now they have blocked the road and have weapons. She just kept saying why are they doing that! I realized the cops were not going to help us (what else is new) and then my brother pulls an awesome maneuver and puts the car in reverse and makes a super fast U turn and speeds away. He said “good thing I’ve been playing so much Grand Theft Auto!”

We looked behind us and they weren’t following anymore. We got on the main road and drove home without incident.

Meanwhile, I’m still on the phone with stupid 911 and they are wanting to meet me at my house and were acting like we were criminals. I declined and told them to go find the truck.
We were all glad to be safe and still wonder what provoked these creeps to tail us and what would have happened if my brother had not been thinking so quickly and backed up. Creepy, violent, low riding thugs, Iet’s never meet again.

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