Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Party Crashers

Senior year of high school during spring break. At a house party around midnite after hours of drinking with a couple dozen kids from my school. All I remember before the incident is that we had an epic beeramid that went from the table to the ceiling and incorporated handles of vodka and tons of beer cans. Also, a friend was selling bags out of an ounce. ~$400 street value.

While standing around drinking and shooting the shit 4 guys come in through the back door. 3 in bandanas and 1 in a ski mask holding a gun. 1 of the guys in a bandana is immediately recognized as a junior at our school. They were all juniors at our school. Not too bright.

The guy with the gun immediately approaches my friend to the left of me, knocks the beer out of his hand, puts the gun to his head and tells him to get the fuck down. He turns to me and does the same thing. My friend to the left picks up his beer (he was a heavy alcoholic, even then, and has since died at age 27; RIP Chris). The guy turns back to Chris and knocks the beer out of his hand again and questions his hearing. Him picking up the beer still makes me smile at his persistence.

At this point I turn to my friend to the right, 'Mark' and quietly tell him I don't think it's a real gun. Another friend had a couple hundred dollars on him and tried to walk down the front hallway toward the front door.

As the guy with the gun turns and yells at my friend trying to leave 'Mark' and I jump ski mask guy. Mark wrapped up his torso trying to take him down. I grab the hand with the gun and punch him in the face with my other hand. As I'm punching him and holding his gun hand, HE UNLOADS THE GUN luckily not hitting anyone. It sounded like a cap gun. I'd only heard a shotgun in person before and this was much quieter. After about 5 or 10 seconds we get him face down on the hardwood floor.
I'm sitting on his back as he struggles and slamming his head into the ground to subdue him. His mask is off and some girls recognize him. They grab a snow shovel and try to hit him in the head with it while screaming his name asking him how he could do this. We keep them away. After he stopped struggling we let him stand up and stumble out the back door. Only about 90 seconds had elapsed since we first noticed the robbers. We were in shock, I guess, and kinda didn't realize what the hell just happened.

I guess his 3 buddy's ran away immediately and someone at the party examined the gun. It was a .22, very real and the slide was cocked back indicating it was emptied. There were also several small bullet holes in the walls and ceiling.

I don't know who called the police, but they arrived within 5 or 10 minutes and a bunch of us had to go to the station to give statements until 6 AM.

He was arrested the next day and eventually was sentenced to 10 years (attempted robbery, armed criminal action) and his buddies got 5 years each as accessories. They were all 17 years old. None of them served their full sentences and AFAIK they are all out.

Guys tried to rob party with kids from their own school because they heard there was weed. Were immediately recognized, guy with the gun got his ass beat, and they all served time.
Don't be like drunk 18 year old me. Assume all guns are real and give them what they want because they will try to shoot you if you don't.
Link with mugshot

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