Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Friends With Guns

I was hanging out with some friends downtown when I was about 16, when a familiar sight catched my eye. An old friend, back from elementary school, was sitting at the docks. I walked up to him and we started chit-chatting whilst smoking, until a group of pumped-up guys started approaching us (They apparently knew the elementary school friend)

I'm usually a passive person, so I was just being chill, offering one the guys a lighter because his fire wasn't working properly, which he happily accepted. It seemed to be fine, but one of my mates was sitting on a wall a few feet away from us, texting with his girl if I recall correctly. One of the steroid dudes starting slowly approaching him, my mate obviously not noticing him because he was soaked up in his phone. I noticed, didn't trust it so I called out my friend, but he responded a little late and the steroid fucker punched him in the face pretty hard. Now, I'm a big guy. All these steroid dudes were way smaller than me. I simply walked up to the fucker, looked him straight in the eye and questioned his motives.

The fucker pulled a knife on me. Followed by 2 of his mates. I was freaking out inside, as I wasn't used to being in fights (I usually managed to defuse them by sheer intimidation) and especially not ones involving weapons. I tried to back away slowly, but this fucker lunged at me, knife forward, aimed at my chest. Luckily, I managed to side-step him, and the idiot ran straight into a wall and almost knocked himself out. Both of his buddies were not amused and starting approaching me. I gave a desperate look to my (unhurt) friend, and he reacted in a way that made me avoid him after that incident: He pulled a fucking gun. (Note: I live in the Netherlands, guns are not exactly a common sight here. At the very least not in my city.)

In the end, I didn't even get touched by them but I'd probably be dead if not for the gun-pulling 'friend'. Thanks mate, but I don't want to be involved with the people you're involved with ever again.

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