Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Dead Dog is a Man's Best Friend

I always liked riding my bike at night, because that meant going to the high school and riding around on the new asphalt track (nice and even, and an easy way to track distance.)

I had gotten a particularly late start one night, so it must have been around 11:30/midnight. I live three streets away from said high school, so getting there takes no more than 5 minutes. On the road adjacent to the parking lot, there are no houses and the street lights are often dead, but I live in a quiet town so I never cared.

I was coming up on the street, and I see a man walking (dragging) a dog alongside him. This dog wasn't walking, or panting or barking or wagging it's tail or smelling the trees. It was rigid, almost toy like. The way he was walking it almost made me think it WAS a toy with wheels on the bottom or something. I switched sides of the road because while I understand your dog needs to shit, I am still slightly unnerved you are walking him this far at 12pm.

So I keep riding no problem, until this man stops. He is completely still in this dark ass road and while I should have hauled ass out of there on my Huffy, I did not. I keep riding, mind you we are on opposite sides of the road. The dog has still not moved, barked, sniffed, or showed any signs of not being a creepy dog toy with wheels at all.

I pedal faster and pass him, all the while he is totally still with this dog next to him. Now, when I say he turned to face me, I do not mean he turned his neck. He turned his entire body to watch me drive off.

This is not where this story ends.

I get to the parking lot out of breath. I take refuge next to some bushes behind the safety of the fenced in track.

And here he is again. Now carrying (dead??? toy???) dog. Carries him into the lone car in the parking lot but does not leave.

I am not even breathing at this point. And I know this sounds stupid but seriously we're coming up on like 12:05 am and some dude is "walking" this probably dead animal and waching me.

I wait a solid five minutes before he even turns his car on, and as soon as his tail lights are out of sight, I bolt my ass back home.

I have not been back since.

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