Wednesday, October 8, 2014

True Story or Urban Legend? You decide in the comments.

Before my family and I moved to another state, my father went and visited the area to check on the progress of our new house which was being built. My father was there for a few days and was staying at some crappy Motel 6 in a shady area of town. His room was the last room at the end of the hallway on the top floor. In the middle of the night on the last night he was in town he is woken by the phone ringing in his room. He groggily answers. It was the front desk and they say something along the lines "Sorry to wake you, but we've been receiving a couple of reports about rooms being broken into and some stuff being stolen. We are calling to make sure you lock your door and are safe." My father replies that he is fine and hangs up. He decides to go double check that he locked the door. As he sits up in bed he notices that the door to his room is ajar. Being spooked, he cautiously checks the room and finds that nothing is missing and no one else is in the room. He creeps to the door and peaks out. Sitting right outside his room on the window sill of the hallway window is his shaving kit. Creeped out of his mind, he quickly grabs it and locks the door. After he calms down a bit he calls down to the front desk and says "Hey, you just called me about the break ins around the hotel, and I just want to report that my room was broken into when I was sleeping, nothing stolen and I am fine. Figured you would like to know" The front desk replies, "You must be mistaken, we never called your room and we haven't received any reports of breaks ins"


StevieWayne said...

Urban legend!we've seen several variations of this story, but I always enjoy it.

Aloneinthenight said...

Yeah, we were feeling the urban legend vibe, too. It's a good story, though, because it's not too far-fetched. It's just real enough to make you think, "This could happen. Maybe it's true." That's what the best, in our opinion, urban legends accomplish.

Thanks for the comment.

Melody said...

This honestly happened to me and my father when I was around 10 or so. My mom had went to spend the night at her moms house, who was ill, so she and her sisters traded nights taking care of her. My neighborhood was pretty good at the time, safe and friendly for the most part.

I had spent the day playing around outside by myself, riding my bike, baking mud pies in reeses wrappers, playing with my skip it in the road, etc. my dad had been inside working on our basement that we were remodeling pretty much all day.

It was just me and my dad at home that night. I was on the cumputer playing games when the phone rang.

I answered it and it was a man who said he was a police officer and that theyd had reports of break ins and things being stolen in the area and he wanted to make sure we were ok. He asked me if all our doors were locked and car doors and if the house was secure. I said yes, then said hang on and you can talk to my dad. The man quickly said no, and for me to pass the message on to my dad.

Being 10 and naive, I told my dad and said it sure was nice for the police to call and check on us and give people notice like that.

My dad didnt say much, but he got a flashlight and wandered outside for awhile, checking our out buildings and car doors, etc. he came back inside and we both went about our business.

I went to bed pretty late that night, probably around 1am. I woke up around 230'am (i remember because i had a digital glowing clock on the wall opposite my bed). Not sure what woke me up, but i remember thinking i heard pounding and a whirring noise outside my window (my room was in the back of the house, near the woods and our out buildings). It was one of those things where you dont know if you heard it or it was in a dream, so i went back to sleep.

Woke up later that morning to my dad and the police in our front yard.

Turns out, someone had broke into the building where we kept our ATV and some tools. Which was right outside my room.

Turns out I really did hear noises, my dad was annoyed asking me why i didnt come tell him.

The police said they had no record of any staff contacting people in the neighborhood about break ins, nor any record of any crimes at all committed recently in the area.

They said more than likely it was just thieves who had scoped our house out somehow. They mentioned it was possible that the thieves had seen me outside playing and assumed no one was home (creepy) until they called and discovered my dad was there. Then for whatever reason they still decided to target us.

It had to have been someone we knew somehow, or someone who had been watching us in the past because they knew where the Atv and tools were kept.

We never found out who did it and never found the missing items.

This is a true story, things like this happen, so i wouldnt be too quick to dismiss this motel story