Sunday, October 12, 2014

Giving Rides to Murderers

Saw this guy on the side of the road waving his hands at us. It looked like he really needed help. So we pulled over and he said he need a ride to the local am/pm about a mile away. He hops in our pick up truck, this dude (looks about 30, sorta skinny, wearing an ac/dc shirt) he’s laying on us because it’s a 3 seater. He asks if we smoke weed, we say yes, he says "you guys seem pretty chill, you wanna go blow up a car?" we kindly decline saying we're tired. By this time we've arrived at the gas station and we drop him off. We all notice, he smells of gas, my friend who's driving gives him his business card(idiot). And we go home. Well the next day I wake up. I live on a hill over looking the spot we picked him up at. There's a helicopter hovering over a charred car. "He really did blow up a car," I think. I tell my friends and don't think much of it until later while watching the nightly news I notice the station is showing footage from the chopper I saw earlier in the day. The newscasters mention the charred car and at the end of the story, they quickly mention. "Homicide detectives found a dead body in the trunk...." I'm going crazy and I call the cops, the dispatch officer late at night is dismissive and acts like I know nothing about the situation and perhaps, maybe, if i'm lucky, a detective will call me back. Sure enough, the next morning I get a voicemail from a homicide detective. He has us meet him at the location we picked him up at. I told him earlier about the am/pm and the AC/DC shirt so when we get there he individually asks us questions. He shows me security cam footage of the guy. He asks if I'd be willing to testify and I say I will if I have to but I'd rather not. With that the detective thanks us and leaves. He says he'll keep in touch. The cops put out an all-points-bulletin type thing throughout all of the California police stations and some station in northern California alerts them that they know his name, in fact they're looking for him as well for the murder of his heroin dealer. They end up finding out where he’s staying and police storm the house, He charges them, and looks like he’s drawing something from behind his back. So they shoot him dead. This was all within 48 hours of us picking him up. What happened was he was staying at one of his friend's house and they were selling their house at the time, so it was empty. A realtor came over, he beat her up put her in the back of her car and drove miles to the beach near where I live. He shot her, put her in the trunk of her car, doused the car in gas, and tried to light the car on fire, but didn’t have any matches so he walked down the road where he found us, and flagged us down. He hopped in our car with a revolver the back of his shirt he had just killed the women with and we dropped him off. 24 hours later he’d be dead.

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