Monday, August 18, 2014

Stranger On the Deck

So my house is in the area of the US where hurricanes often hit so it is up on stilts meaning there are no rooms on the ground floor of my house. My parents and I have bedrooms on the second floor with a wooden deck that both of our rooms have doors to.

This made it super easy to sneak out to when I was at the age where that was the thing to do. I would sneak out many Thursday nights to go drink at my friends house. All I had to do was open my door an tiptoe on the deck past my parents room and down the stairs to where my friends were waiting in a car outside. I was a straight A student so my parents gave me a degree of leniency that some kids don't get.

Anyways I was home on spring break from college my freshman year and told my brother if he needed to get to his friends house just come get the keys from me and sneak out on the deck as the third floor was also connected to the deck.

So a couple of days later I wake up around 12:30 in the morning. This is not uncommon as I am the lightest sleeper I have ever met which is odd since I am 6'5" 195cm male and weigh about 235 lbs or 106 k. I know that is weird for a first year in college but I have always been in 99th percentile in height and weight since the time I was born.

I hear the noise of someone tiptoeing across the deck outside my deck door. I had grown accustomed to it from the 2 years of being the active participant myself. Then I hear the noise of someone turning the knob on my door. For about 10 seconds I think I am going die from fear but remember I told my brother to come get the key if he wants to go out.

I then whisper as to not wake my parents...
"fuck you lilbro tfurbs66, come get the key inside and then sneak out."

The attempt to enter stops and I figure my bro is coming back in to get the key and go out. He never comes in and I naturally enter a peaceful slumber
Next day I take him aside and tell him if he wants the car to get the key while I'm awake and to not scare me half to death by trying to open my door.

He says "I know where mom and dad hide the spare I don't need your key to drive the truck."
So I hesitantly ask, "So you weren't on the deck last night and didn't try to open my door,"
He looks very worried, as his door is just a flight of stairs away ands says, "no, why?"
I recant the whole thing to my parents who call our neighbor right down the street who is a cop but he says their is little they can do. I'm now terrified to have a door that people can get in so close to where I sleep. This is about a year ago and I know it's not as scary as what most people on hear have dealt with but it gave me a good scare.

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