Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Persistent Work Creeper

I work part time in a supermarket and one day a guy went through the self-scan (which I work on). He had been through twice already and each time deliberately messed up his shopping so I would have to go across to him.

He was nice enough and made conversation by asking me how I was and I had said I would be better when I finished work. He asked what time I finished and without thinking I told him 9pm. I thought nothing of it and finished at 9 and headed to my car - staff have to park at the bottom of the car park past the recycling containers - as I walked past them the guy I had served earlier popped out!

I was really uneasy and carried on walking as he tried to talk to me, I can't recall what he was saying but he kept saying my name and that scared me. I just wanted to get to my car and he followed me all the way until I opened my car door. He stood in the way so I couldn't close it, so I asked him to move. He asked me if I was local, which was a weird question. I didn't answer, but instead pulled my door and luckily he moved. As I started up my car he tapped the window and smiled at me. It was so creepy!

I drove out of the car park and pulled up by the petrol station and called my mum. He'd really frightened me.

The next day at work he came through self-scan again and tried to get my attention but I told my work mate and he served. The creep then came over to talk to me and because I was working I had to reply to him even though I kept it to one word answers and I pretended to help other customers until he left.

I finished work early so I managed to avoid him that night. The next day he did the same and the lady I was working with had innocently told him I was 18 after he had made conversation saying I looked too young to sell alcohol. I finished work at 10 again that night and a guy I work with did too so he walked me to my car. Nothing happened until I drove off and saw the creepy guy sitting in his car seemingly waiting for me. After that I decided to tell my manager and she has security watch him and move him on from my till twice. They eventually asked him to not come to my service point and I haven't see him since.


Luna said...

Creepy read!!! I had a coworker who had a similar incident. This older man came into the store and was flirting with her. He asked her when she worked, and she told him she worked from noon to 8 pm Monday - Friday. After that, he showed up EVERY DAY looking for her, scanning the whole store. One night, she stayed at work until 9 pm, and when she left to go to her car, he was waiting in the parking lot, so she ran back inside and our manager locked the glass doors and stood in front of them holding her phone to her ear, scaring the guy off.

The next day, this fucker had the balls to show up AGAIN, and all of our male coworkers practically surrounded him in the parking lot, told him to NEVER come back, and that they would call the police if he did. He never returned.


Aloneinthenight said...

Good point. Also, don't only not tell people your schedule, but don't share your coworkers schedules, either.