Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Escape From Red Necks

I moved from southern California to Oregon at 10 almost eleven.   My first summer there my mom got waterfall/swimming hole book and we started taking day trips as a family on the weekends.  My Dad, Mom, Sister and I.   One weekend we find ourselves approximately 10 miles out of Cave Junction in the middle of BFE at a beautiful swimming hole.   There we also find a bunch of naked hippies,  old, young, girls, boy, families all hanging out (some smoking pot).  It was a very peaceful and pleasant vibe.  A bit shocked at first we soon felt welcome and confortable and proceeded to swim (in our suits).

 Fast-forward a couple years later.   I am now 13 and somehow this past experience comes up with a couple girlfriends of mine.  We all talk about how fun it would be to go skinny dipping at the nude swimming hole.  One Saturday my mom agrees to take us. For whatever reason we found the idea of swimming naked exotic and exciting!  We thought we would be so cool.

 So My Mom and I and my two friends head out for a day at the river.   When we arrive it is a very similar picture to what we had found before.  Two old wrinkly bearded hippies sit rolling joints from a Frisbee full of pot.  They introduce themselves as Daniel and Grey Eagle.  A middle aged women sits naked with two rambunctious kids in front of her playing in the water. She smiles and comments on how it is a beautiful day for swimming. There are a few other folks around and we feel extremely comfortable so we strip off and hop in.

 Shortly after we get swimming a rough looking red neck and his two equally red neck looking teenage sons (probably 16-18) show up.  This changed the feel of the environment but we just kind of ignore it.

 After a while they start getting really drunk and start making unwanted and obnoxious comments, at this point, all the women and children had left only Grey Eagle and Daniel remain.  About this same time, a black man comes up; talking to one of the hippies about the long hike he is on and stops under a tree to take a break.  He even sat with his back to us as to not make us uncomfortable.
The man and his two sons start calling this man names, including the n word and tell him that he is not allowed to watch THEIR white girls swim.  The man is ignoring them and the hippies tell the guys to back off which for some reason they do.

 At this point Grey Eagle has informed my mother that he has saw that  the rednecks are carrying a gun and that we should get out of there,  we as nonchalantly as possible start to get our stuff together to go.  Before we can get in the car and leave the man and his sons announce the need for a beer run and hop in their car and head off.  We are all relieved they are gone and Grey Eagle tells the guy enjoying his hike that he might want to take off given the gun situation.

 We hope in the car and start heading down the road back toward civilization, we get to the end of the dirt road and as we pull onto the main road we hear an engine start up and before we know it are being tailed by a huge old truck and in it are the man and his sons.

 The road we are on is winding at my Moms old Toyota 4-runner (that is actually a two runner, no four wheel drive) is not fast.   Soon they are next to us on the two lane highway shouting at us to pull the fuck over and waving a gun at us.  For the next 5-10 miles they get next to us and then slip behind when there is an oncoming car getting right on our bumper.  We are all freaking out and my poor Mom is just trying to make it to the next small town as quickly as possible.  They get into the other lane and get next to us again.  We can hear them saying  “hurry up, get in front and cut them off”  just as they are gaining speed and getting close to passing us my Mom slams on her breaks and makes a right turn onto a random road.  We turn a couple more times to make sure we have lost them and look at a map to make sure we aren’t completely lost. We find a way back to the main road without having to go back the way we came and FINALLY make it into town and to a gas station.   As we pull into the gas station we see them drive by, they spot us but at that moment they realize we are safe in the company of many people and there is not much they can do.  They cruise by slowly making obscene gestures call us whores or something of that nature and drive off.

 We waited a long time before starting our long drive home as parts of it are not well traveled and we are afraid they will catch up to us again.  I assure you we were all scared to death.

 Lesson:  Being in the sticks gives you a false sense of peace as you feel there isn’t many people to deal with but it is the WORST place to be if you run into people you have bad intentions. I hate to think what would have happen had they caught us...

- Paige

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