Saturday, April 5, 2014

In the Newspaper

This story happened to my mom, probably over 30 years ago now. Even though I didn't experience it, the thought of this happening at all is creepy as hell.

My mom was in her early 20's at the time, and was back at home during a school break. She shared a room upstairs with her two younger sisters, my aunts Mary and Laura. The three of them were in their room, while my grandfather and uncle Nick were downstairs in the living room. My mom and aunts were all hanging out their room, and it about 9ish at night. At some point, there was a noise outside their bedroom window. Remember, they were upstairs. My mom and Aunt Laura didn't really notice, but my Aunt Mary opened up the curtains. Outside the window, standing on a ladder, was a middle aged man staring into their room. Needless to say, my Aunt Mary FREAKED out and started screaming, and my mom and Aunt Laura joined in when they noticed the man.

They booked it downstairs screaming, and told my uncle and grandfather what happened. They both booked it for the door and sprinted outside to below my mom and aunts room. They didn't see anyone or the ladder, but saw footprints leading away into the woods behind their house. At this point, they went back inside to call the police.

The police showed up several minutes later, and after searching the woods, they found the ladder the man used to look into the window, but there was no sign of the man. The police kept an eye out for a while after that, but the man never returned. As you can imagine, it completely freaked everyone out, especially my Aunt Mary, who to this day pins curtains shut in her house. For all they knew, this man had been creeping outside for months.

Flash forward now to about 15 years later, where the story gets even MORE freaky.

At this point, my mom was married to my dad and worked at a hospital as a nurse. On this particular day, there was an unbeliever snow storm, so my mom and several coworkers decided to all ride to their homes in one car. On the way to dropping one of the coworkers off, they saw a man walking. He looked to be in his early 60's. Since the weather was so bad they nicely offered him a ride home, and he accepted. After telling them where he lived, it happened to be on the same street where my mom grew up.

She commented this and said the house number(my grandparents sold the house several years earlier). The man asked, "Oh wait, was that the house where there was a man creeping outside the window?". My mom, a little taken aback, said yes. The man's reply was, "Oh yes, I read about it in the newspaper".

Here's the thing: IT WAS NEVER IN THE NEWSPAPER!! It was never on the news either. While obviously we don't know for sure, my mom's guess is, this man was the creeper! How freaky is that? While it's possible he might have just misremembered how he heard about the incident, and assumed he read about it, my mom and everyone else in my family agrees it was the creeper. Mainly because why would that be the first thing that popped into his head when he heard my mom used to live there? Obviously it was a creepy incident, but it's not like it was such a big story that anyone outside of my mom and her family would remember. So this guy who just happened to be picked up by my mom and her coworkers 15 years later was the culprit. Obviously there was no concrete proof and even if there was it's not like anything would be done to this guy, but how creepy is that?


Christian said...

What's weird is that he specifically remembered that house. Perhaps, he wasn't your run of the mill peeping tom and rather was obsessed with your mom. That is creepy!

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as a run of the mill peeping Tom? haha.

He certainly sounds unhinged.