Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We Need Your Help

Hello, fear lovers. We here at Alone at Night need your help. Our dreams for this site is to see our visitors participating more fully in the site. We would love to take a more hands off approach and let our inmates basically run the asylum. We've wanted this for as long as the site has been around, but so far we've been pretty unsuccessful. We realized, however, that we never asked you, dear reader, what it is that you think we should do with the site? What would encourage you to participate more, i.e. leave more comments on stories, submit more stories, check those little check boxes beneath the stories?  How can we at Alone at Night make this site more enjoyable for you?

Thanks for visiting. See you soon (in your closet when you're asleep muahahaha)


Amanda said...

Love this website :) I check once a week for updates!

Aloneinthenight said...

Thanks for the kind words, Amanda. I'm glad you enjoy our efforts. Is there anything you wish we did differently? Certain content that we could include but don't? Anything with the layout that you find especially annoying or frustrating?

Thanks again!