Monday, March 3, 2014

Walking Home from the Bar in Vikingland

My story will probably make me sound like I'm the least cautious girl in the world, but I'm Scandinavian, so I might be a bit naive.  Also, please excuse any errors in my grammar, English is my second language.

I live in a medium sized city in Viking-land. Seeing that it is relatively safe to walk home from a night spent drinking, I decided to walk the 40 min to my apartment.

Now, this is something I have done loads of times before, and i usually don't meet any creeps on my way. The road I took home is well lit for the most of the way, and the last 400m (Americans : about the lenght of three football fields and a pecan pie) consists of a parking lot, a flight of stone stairs leading up to the main road, and a straight road on to my apartment. On the way home I only walked past 5-6 people.

I was listening to low music on my phone, and could hear that a small crowd of people was walking behind me. No big deal, people usually walk home from the city at those hours. They were shouting for a long time, so I took out one of my ear phones to hear what they were shouting. And I heared them wolf whistling at me, and shouting things to me in English. (I was wearing a long coat, so they must have liked my ankles..) They were 50 m behind me now, but I could tell they were not running towards me. We were now going up the stairs leading towards the main road, and I quickly turned and saw they were only three guys, in their 30's. I could tell they were from either Poland or the surrounding contries, because of their accents.

Being less than 200m from home, I took out my keys, still walking, having them 50m behind me. On the top of the stairs there is a guy, and he says something to me. I am a bit flustered, and I don't register what he says until I have walked past him. But he said he can walk with me, or something. He looked like a genuinely nice guy, but I was a bit preoccupied with everything at that moment that I just blurted out "No thanks" or something, and continued across the road.

My apartment is right at the side walk on the main road, and the door locks behind you when you close it. So I got up to the door and opened it as I eyed them 20m away. They were still walking towards me. I got in, and heard them getting closer to the door. Knowing my door is now locked, I decided to wait until they were gone before I walked up to my apartment. I stood there looking at the door knob, and it suddenly jerks. I heard laughter as they walked past my door. I then ran up to the apartment and looked out the window that leads out to the side walk. The men were walking away, and I never saw them again.

Honestly, I think they did this to scare me, and not brake in to my home, but one never knows... So, I guess the moral of the story is to keep a keen eye and ear out when you walk home at night..

{We here at Alone at Night wish the story author would have gone viking on their creepy asses, but it's probably better for the creeps that she didn't.}

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