Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Body in the Road

So I'm a 21 year old male and I work a sort of half-night shift at a grocery store in Colorado. The incident happened in early March of 2013. The shift runs on an average day from 3:00 AM to 11:30AM. So it's completely dark out and several hours from dawn as I drive to work.

It's about 2:50 AM or so and I'm about halfway from my house to the store. I'm turning onto a stretch of road nestled in between a neighborhood and a horse ranch or two. A car is infront of me and I'm wishing he would step on the gas a little more when he suddenly slows down and then starts to turn around something. So I'm thinking there must be something in the road, probably a tree branch or something. When the car moves out of the way I see someone is lying in the road, some black material is lying around, I'm guessing pieces of plastic or rubber. It's a man in a gray hoodie and there's blood from the hairline down across most of his face. My first thought the entered my mind was "Oh god this man is trying to kill himself and the first hit and run didn't finish him off." But now wait a minute this person doesn't have any blood elsewhere on his clothes or anything and his hood is all the way up over his head (If I remember correctly the blood dripping down his face was trailing as if he had bled standing up too). Let's not forget he's laying casually, resting on his elbow and proping his head up with one hand. He was calm and conscious I could tell because he was chewing gum and following whoever's vehicle in front of me and mine with his eyes as we slowly drove around him. The car in front took a left turn up a head and rested to a stop, I assumed to call the police. After looking back at who I guess was a roadside robber and at the stalling vehicle I proceeded to drive to work, a little shaken.

Thinking back on it that he was chewing gum is kind of relieving. But even taking such a light-hearted attitude towards what he was doing is disturbing, and it being late winter and him just lying on the road in the dark with his barehand resting on the asphault as if he didn't care unnerving. I don't know where he could have been hiding a gun, would it have been a knife? The following night/morning driving to work at that same place was a police car on the look out.


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